Something new. . .and a FREEBIE too!!!


I haven't shared this enough around here but I've been working on something fun and NEW for you guys!! Earlier this year God made it very clear to me that I needed to start writing a book about my postpartum depression journey. I immediately started writing it all out! Then I started getting this excitement for something but I just couldn't figure out how to place it! I prayed that God would channel that positive energy and let me know what I needed to be doing with it. That's when the cookbook came to life!

Not only has a cookbook come to life but also a new brand! Holy Mother-preneur!!! This lifestyle brand is uplifting, positive and available to lend a helping hand to my fellow mother-preneurs!!

This cookbook is for the mother-preneur (dog mom's included!!!) that wants to eat healthy yet doesn't have a ton of time to put into a recipe!! These are quick and easy meals that my family loves and I can't wait to share it with you and your fam!

Holy Mother-preneur, THE COOKBOOK, Seven Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating AND a coordinating grocery list (to make it EVEN easier for you!) is available as a FREE download by using this link.
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At the end of this month I will be publishing the
Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating cookbook!!!

 Click the link above to follow me along on Instagram!!

Click the link above to follow me along on Instagram!!

I started this lifestyle brand in hopes of making your life a little easier with healthy recipes, tips and tricks with business/life hacks too!! Am I still a photographer??? HECK YES I am!! I have lots on the schedule coming this fall!

This cookbook really just combines all of my fave things: photography, writing, cooking healthy and helping others! It was the perfect outlet to channel my creativity and bless others with healthy simplicity!!

I've been so nervous to share this with you guys and I feel quite vulnerable. . .I guess because it's something new! I hope y'all love your FREE Seven Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating cookbook!



P.S. Trey took these behind the scenes photos of me while I was cooking and styling a meal for the cookbook! This was the slow cooker BBQ Chicken Salad. . .It was SOOOO good!

New Headquarters!!! | Hello Social Circle!


Woooooooooo! You guys! God answers prayers!!! Trey and I have been renting a T-Tiny little space in Covington for the past 8 months until we were ready to find our new headquarters for our businesses! Well, after praying lots and doing a little searching God just make it so clear to us that Social Circle was our place!!!

We are now located in our hometown, right behind the very famous Blue Willow Inn! This is such an exciting time for us! I'm excited to get to meet more local folks and start creating more friendships too!!!

To start off, I'll be there three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:15am until it's time to go pick up our babes from school at 2:30pm. If you're in the area on one of those days PLEASE stop by and see us! I would love to say Hey!

We just started moving in yesterday and haven't really made much progress yet but I'd like to share some before photos with you! ;)

A lot of you may not know but my husband and I have owned and operated AllStar Alarms & Sound for over TEN years now!! We ran our business out of Social Circle for the majority of that time but spent a year at a beautiful downtown Monroe office located right in the heart of it all! While we loved that space (it was GORGEOUS!) it was just too far for us to travel. 

We are so excited to be back in Social Circle!!


Happy first day of school y'all!!! | Social Circle, Ga.


OH MY GOODNESS!!! How adorable are these babies?!?! I know, I'm totally partial! But holy cow! Last night, while I was tucking RyAnne to bed she asked me to make her a list of the things she needed to do in the morning. I used to do this all the time last school year and she loved it!

I woke up extra early to make her and Olivia their first list of the school year! They picked out their clothes last night and were just SO excited!! And that's how they woke up - totally excited about today!!!

We first dropped off Olivia at the Primary school. Homegirl walked into that classroom like she owned it and gave Mrs. Meadows a hug! I know she's in the best hands with Mrs. Lee-Trust and Mrs. Meadows!! They were RyAnne's Pre-K teachers too!!

RyAnne was very adamant about her mommy, daddy and baby brother walking her in to class. I didn't mind at all!!! She's so excited about this school year! Her teacher Mrs. Bell is the sweetest and came highly recommended!! When we visited her classroom during the open house, RyAnne noticed how many of her friends were in her class!

So, in case you were wondering, the answer is YES! I cried! Both of my baby girls are going to school full time now! I know they will do amazing! It's just hard for this momma to believe her babies are so grown up. 

I said a massive prayer for my girls, all the teachers and all the babes headed back to school today! I sure hope you all had a wonderful first day!!


Jade + Jamie | Monroe, Ga. Maternity Session

OH MY GOODNESS! These two (now THREE) are just too adorable!! I love them and their personalities and I'm just so excited for them in this new season of life!! I have worked with Jade and Jamie on their engagement session, wedding, maternity and next up NEWBORN session! I love it when it goes full circle! It's one of the most amazing parts of my job - I get to document some of life's greatest moments and experience them with some of the most amazing people on this earth! Plus, the relationships that grow from photographs means the world to me!

And can we talk about Jade's laugh and how gorgeous and infectious it is?! And how sweetly her hubby, Jamie, looks at her?! LOVE! You guys this is what love looks like!!!

Jade, OMG! Girl you are just a stunning momma-to-be! I can't wait to meet your doll Emberlyn Rae!!


P.S. You know when you ask your clients to meet you in an abandoned neighborhood that sits way off the road, THEY TRUST YOU!!! And for that I'm so thankful!!

Ten Tips for Transformation Tuesday!!

If you follow along with me on Instagram Stories you have seen my workout vids and hopefully you have seen PROGRESS too!!! While I was pregnant with Rocco I decided the year I turned 35 was going to be the year I got in the best shape of my life!! I changed my lifestyle with little changes here and there and they have added up to BIG RESULTS!! I want to share just a few things that I changed to add up to 44 pounds DOWN!

#1. Drink plenty of WATER! I work really hard to stay hydrated. I fill up my big 32 ounce Feti (faux Yeti!) cup and make it my goal to down four of those a day! I even set a timer in my phone to go off every hour reminding me to DRINK WATER! I know - totally dork - BUT it works!!

#2. I start my day with one cup of warm water and a freshly squeezed lemon. The health benefits are tremendous for just how simple this little cup is! Google it!

#3. I stopped eating anything that contained gluten! This started when my husband found out he had a gluten intolerance. It wasnโ€™t as hard as I thought!!! If you want more info about gluten intolerance go visit SOOO much info and if you have a food in question you can search that food on their website and it will list gluten containing ingredients!

#4. Shortly after my husband found out he had a gluten intolerance I did a juice cleanse. After completing the cleanse and totally detoxing I found out I have a DAIRY intolerance! Ugh, I was kinda disappointed because, well, PIZZA!! But there again, once I decided to stop eating dairy my body felt INCREDIBLE!! I know this isnโ€™t for everyone! I do highly recommend giving it a try for just a week. . .or heck, what about three days?! Small goals people!!

#5. FRESH EVERYTHING! At least that is always my goal!!! Fresh veggies, fruits and meats instead of precessed, packaged foods!

#6. Workout at least three times a week! It was SO hard getting started but once I got back into this amazing routine my mind, body and soul became at ONE! I felt rejuvenated and alive again!!! Moving my body, stretching it and breathing fully all became a drug (A HEALTHY ONE!!).

#7. ACCOUNTABILITY! I realized pretty quickly that I needed an accountability partner for each of my goals! I have a friend that wakes up with my at 5:30am every morning. We text each other as soon as we wake up with โ€œGood Morningโ€ cheers about how awesome the day will be. I have my trainer that holds me accountable at the gym and my husband holds me accountable for cooking healthy meals before the sun sets! I have a cookbook to create and he makes sure things are in place and helps set the table for photos!

#8. MEAL PLAN! I plan out my meals for the week and then create a grocery list at the same time! Time saver! Killing two birds with one stone!!! Just being amazingly productive!!!
P.S. I will be giving away SEVEN dinner recipes AND a grocery list from my cookbook very soon!!! All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and BAM! - seven nights you don't have to think about what's for dinner!!! ;)

Here is the sign up for those FREEBIES!! 

#9. Gratitude Journal! I had to change my thought process! My depression took over my thoughts and everything I wanted to do in life! Simple things like going to the grocery store turned into something I couldnโ€™t do without feeling an anxiety attack in my chest! I start my day or end my night with writing out ALL the positives that happened that day NOT focusing on anything negative. In the beginning I had to DIG DEEP because I was turning everything into a negative! Now itโ€™s much easier to see ALL the good in life!

#10. I stopped weighing myself! Instead of weighing in I started paying attention to the way my clothes fit. When you start working out you start gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. In a lot of cases you start gaining weight! This can be extremely heart breaking when you are giving it your all at the gym and itโ€™s NOT showing up on the scale. Donโ€™t let that get to you!!! You didnโ€™t gain 50 lbs overnight so losing 50 lbs AINโ€™T gonna happen overnight either!! 

I took these photos on March 12, 2018. I weighed 163lbs.

This morning, July 17, 2018, I woke up feeling lean, healthy and full of energy! Which is a HUGE difference from how I felt just four months ago! I now weigh 152 lbs.

Be patient with yourself, give yourself grace and focus on the small changes you want to make in your life! You can do it!!