J* - My Idol!


For my friends that don't know who this is. . .She is my photog idol!  Jasmine Star!


When I first started my business last February 2011 I was a complete mess!  Seriously, I cried. A lot!  I was still learning how to be a mommy to my sweet little ten month old and run a business (that I had NO clue about).

I remember the very first time I met Jasmine Star.  It was three o'clock in the morning and I was desperate.  I didn't know how to use PhotoShop, I had no clue how to price my services, I was really shy about selling myself (because let's face it who wants to hire ME???), I had no confidence in ME at all.  So, I did what most people do. . .I turned to Google!

I typed in: Photography Business Videos.  There she was!  About half way down the page I found her video, watched it intently and took notes and cried!

In this video she expressed her struggles.  I could totally relate because at that point I felt like that's all I knew was struggle.  I didn't know how to use my camera, when I took photographs and then loaded them on my computer they looked bad HORRIFICALLY TERRIBLE, Photoshop didn't come with a manual so I purchased a 500 page book and didn't understand any of it.  I was ready to pull my hair out, I was scared and yet all I really wanted was to be a photographer.  I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into.

After I would watch her videos I would always feel so much better.  Like she knew me and was like "Hey yo', don't be afraid.  There's a light at the end of this tunnel.  Keep on going!"  I had someone on my side.  Even if she was just a video, she was all the inspiration that I needed to get back in the game and start figuring it all out.

Last night I had the pleasure of telling her this!  I got to thank her for all of those videos of inspiration and knowledge that she would share with me late at night. . .or really early in the morning!

At this work shop Jasmine encouraged everyone to meet at least two new friends.  Because meeting two new friends gets you a lot further than trying to meet all 200 in the room.

To J*: Thank you for sharing not only the good times but the tough ones too!  It's incredibly reassuring that I'm not the only one.  May God continue to bless you with this incredible ability to connect, inform and challenge this photog community.

Love. H.