Ladies night out. . .


I consider myself a fun loving, silly, outgoing person.  However, I'm not the kinda girl that ever buys a new shirt and shoes, hires a driver (well, my sweet and very awesome husband did!) and goes out on the town with my girlfriends!  Until last night!!!! lol

This sounds dumb. . .But I felt so pretty!  For the first time in a very looooong time I did my makeup and got my hair done.  I was surrounded by my girlfriends and cutting up.  Our conversations included: our babies (of course!), how we met our husbands and how old we were when we married them, speaking Chinese, speaking British and well probably stuff that needs to stay between us!  lol

I didn't have a bachelorette party when I married Trey over 10 years ago.  Nor do I have very good memories from our wedding day.  These ladies, my husband and my family and friends are helping us recreate the day and new memories!  SO thankful to have the opportunity to renew our vows and celebrate our love and life with each other.

God is good!