Heart Beats, Butterfly Kisses and Priorities

Today Trey and I got to hear our baby's heart beat for the first time.  It was beating strong at about 150 bps.  Quite a nice way to start off a Monday morning.  :)  Two more months and we will find out the sex.  Oh I can't wait!!!

RyAnne is just ecstatic about being a big sister.  She will kiss my belly and tell her baby that she loves it so much.

I'm wondering if I'm feeling this little baby move already!  Seems so early but I feel the little flutters.  My first thoughts were, must be gas!  lol  But yesterday while I was standing at the grocery store I felt a legit fluttery feeling.  Has to be the baby, right???  Sounds nicer than gas!

This month has been quite exhausting for me.  (This is the part where I pull the pregnancy card and complain - just a little bit)  I'm not the napping type but I do feel that at any moment during the day I could fall asleep standing up, sitting down or driving.  I'm pooped and I don't like this feeling.  In the mean time, I am swamped trying to keep up with my editing and emails.

Trey and I are going through some major changes in our family that need our attention, love and support.  Everything seems to be on the back burner as we sort this out.  God has really blessed us with some major responsibilities.  I'm honored and pray that he will bless us on this journey.

And then there are these pains called Round Ligament Pains - got to experience this for the first time last night when I rolled over in bed.  OUCH!  Really caught me off guard.  According to my Dr. most women feel this during their second pregnancy.

Second Trimester, where are you???  I remember feeling so much better once it came along.

On a much more stylish note, Trey took me shopping for maternity clothes yesterday.  I've been hitting up Pinterest hard for ideas on how to dress this baby bump! lol  Even my hair style is a Pin!

Thank you ladies for all that commented on my FB post and letting me know where you shopped to rocked out your belly bump styles!  Here's to hoping I can look as cool as y'all!!!!

Happy Monday!