Why I ask my clients to choose their locations + Baby Bumps!


Is that a strange blog post title???  lol

Last week I met Laura and Brad at his family's land in Monticello, Georgia.  When Laura and I first started talking about their maternity session she had no idea where she wanted their session to be.  I asked if there were any locations that might have meaning to them.  She then came back with a fantastic location!

Cute baby Austin!

Baby Austin will make his appearance this September.

How awesome is the log cabin in the background?!  Brad's grandmother and grandfather found this cabin and transported it (in pieces) to their land.  They put it back together.

Laura you are glowing girlfriend!

Most often this is what I hear from my clients.  "You're the professional.  I'm sure you have some amazing locations that you can recommend."  I do know of some but I've already photographed at them.  :/  I don't think it does my clients any justice if I choose where there memories are to be made.

I believe the reason my sessions turn out the way they do (I think they are kinda awesome!) is because my clients choose their own, meaningful locations.  Plus I'm like a kid in a candy shop!!!  It's an experience for me too!  I love going to new, unchartered locations.  Gives my eyes something new and fresh to pose my clients around and adds to the uniqueness of their session.

I believe that's why my clients choose me and why I want to work with them.  We both want to create unique, gorgeous, one of a kind moments they will enjoy for years to come.

Congratulations Laura and Brad!  I can't wait to meet your sweet baby boy!

Happy Monday!