Guess what day it is? Time for a Bump Date!


ONLY TEN MORE WEEKS!  I am finally at the 30 week mark!

I thought it would be a cute idea to do Bump Dates every other (maybe every) Wednesday until the big day arrives.  Here is 1 of 5-ish.  :)

Recently I revealed our baby girl's name. . .I love it so much!  :)  It took us longer to decide this little girl's name than it did with RyAnne.  And I really hated the feeling of not having a name ready for her. We had several contenders but Olivia Reagan kept standing out to me.  While Trey and I were on vacation I asked him if we could just try it out for a week and see if it was a fit.  It stuck!  :)

Everyone keeps asking me if we have her nursery finished.  Nope!  We haven't even started.  I'm slightly ashamed.  I have so many cute ideas and goodies for her room but not a single photo on the wall, no paint, no trim, no curtains, no props ready for her newborn session. . .If I keep going I might have a panic attack!

Trey overheard my girlfriend and I talking about her 3 week early delivery.  He freaked out!  RyAnne was right on her due date and I think we are both assuming Olivia Reagan will be the same.  However, it's amazing how different this pregnancy is compared to RyAnne.  With that said, I am so done being pregnant!  I can barely roll over in bed.  I grunt when I put my shoes on.  When I get out of bed I feel like my feet are going to explode as they fit the ground.  My pubic bone can't handle much more.  It feels like it's got the weight of the world resting on it.  Walking up stairs, sitting, standing. . .anything it just too much.  And the truth is I just feel huge and I can't breath.  Blah.

AND if I hear another one of the following comments I might get all pregnant girl postal on someone!

rude person, "Wow, you look like you're gonna pop!"
me, "I still have over two months!"

rude person, "You look about the same size as when you delivered RyAnne."
me, "I am and I still have over two months."

rude person, "Are you pregnant?"
me, "YES!"

Makes me a little depressed that folks make these comments.  At a time in my life when I'm not feeling the most confident, why in the world would one think these comments would help or encourage me?

On to cravings!!!  lol  I want ice!  To be more specific I want Chick-Fil-A ice.  Those airy little ice cubes are ah-mazing!  No other strange cravings at this point.

Today we have our maternity/family session with Katey Penton!!!  I'm so excited!  We haven't had family photos in forever!  Which is pretty horrible!  lol  You're photographer doesn't have updated photographs of her OWN family.  Yeah, working on that!  Last time I set up an appointment for our family photographs it rained.  Then I set up another one and it rained.  And then I set up another appointment. . .Yep you guessed it!  It rained again!!!  Photographs never happened last year.

And wouldn't you know, RyAnne is just getting over pink eye and Trey came home yesterday with pink eye and on Monday I got sick with some crazy 24 hour yucky.  But you better believe we will still get dressed up and get in front of Katey's camera today!  I'm so not canceling this year.  So, just pray we can hold it together long enough for some great shots, Trey's eye doesn't look too gross, it doesn't rain, RyAnne is in the best mood, my clothes fit and we get a gorge sunset!  That's all!

Happy Bump Date!