What day is it??? Time for a Hump Day Bump Date! :)


If you read my last Bump Date, you know all about my family photo shoot.  Well, at least you know about all the sickness and my worries.  I was pretty nervous about this session because my expectations may have been through the roof.


I photograph families, maternity sessions, babies, weddings, engagements and while I am a bit nervous going into photographing I know in my heart that their session will be everything they hoped it would be.  Not that I am really that cocky but I know that because I pray for it. . .for every single client!

But being on the other side of the camera isn't my specialty.  There I am standing in front of someone's camera feeling like I don't have any control, quite exposed and not knowing what I should do with my hands.  lol  So, I needed someone that could handle that!  I found Katey Penton and fell in love with her gorgeous, airy photography.  My family and I met with her in downtown Rutledge for our family/maternity session two Wednesdays ago.


Trey had just been diagnosed with an eye infection, RyAnne was recovering from one and I was sick with a cold and cough (again!).  Thankfully my nephew, Taylor, was healthy and all smiles.  :)  How we managed to pull off such a great looking family photo. . .I don't know!  lol But I think we look awesome.

33 weeks pregnant and counting!

Newest craving:  Still ice.  But guess what?  I found ice that trumps Chick-Fil-A ice!!!  Sonic is even better!!!  :)

A few weeks ago we went to our check up.  I met with my Dr. and wanted to talk with her about natural childbirth.  While RyAnne's actual birth went just fine, getting the epidural was pure hell.  I was in pain when receiving it (like I'm pretty sure they hit a nerve and my arm curled up all exorcist style) and was in pain for about a year after it.  Not something I want to do all over again.

After doing a little reading about natural childbirth and the recovery process being quicker, I felt like that was the way I wanted to go this time around.  But I needed more info.  I began asking my Dr. her opinions and advise.  She seemed less than excited that I was wanting to go this direction.  Almost as if, why in the world would you want to have a baby without an epidural?!  This confused me to no end!  I left my appointment feeling like I wasn't being supported, like I was crazy for wanting to birth my baby the way God intended me to.  I cried.  A lot.

My next visit was about a week and a half ago.  This time I met with one of the mid-wives.  She looked at my chart and said excitedly, "Oh! You are having a natural childbirth!"  I was like, "Oh the Dr. wrote that down? And you support that?"  She said, "Of coarse I do!  Why wouldn't I?"  I explained to her that the Dr. she works for didn't seem supportive of my decision at all.  And then I began to cry. . .again!  At that moment I felt so confused.  I knew what I wanted but didn't feel like I had anyone's support.  And how could I go to a hospital with a childbirth plan in place that no one would support?!

My mid-wife, JJ, explained why she loved natural childbirth and told me to watch the movie The Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake.  Trey and I watched it together.  Ladies if you are unsure of how you want your childbirth to go PLEASE watch this movie!!!  It opened our eyes and has allowed me the confidence in my own body's ability to have Olivia naturally.


Watching these awesome women birth their babies was very empowering and exciting!  I can't wait for this experience and I really, really can't wait to hold my sweet girl!  Oh jeeze, and now I'm crying. . .again!

Happy tears!