Guess what day it is!!! Time for a 34 week Bump Date!!


The nervous excitement is in full swing for me!  I am just six weeks away (give or take) from meeting my sweet girl, Olivia Reagan.  We have really started working on her room.  Putting up trim, painting will be next, installing a chandelier.  Believe it or not the list is coming to an end.  :)  Oh and I have most all of her newborn backdrops and props in!!!  Yay!

before trim

after - next will be paint! :)

I've been nesting like a little bird.  I feel like I'm on this insane mission to complete as many tasks as I can before she gets here.  It's my prenatal marathon. . .only in slow motion.  An old back injury has been flaring up and has had me down a bit so it takes me allllll day to accomplish these tasks.  But I'm so thankful they are getting done!  My mother-in-law helped me take down all of the Christmas decor and clean up the living room.  Almost every drawer (even my sock drawer) and closet has been reorganized.  Refrigerator is super squeaky clean.  I'm sure I will find something else to empty and reorganize before the end of this blog post.  lol

I went to my 34 week check up on Monday.  Olivia is head down and measuring perfect.  I mentioned to my mid-wife that I was starting to freak out a little bit about my decision for a natural child birth.  I know I have not ever experienced anything like this so I'm getting nervous.  She was like, "If you weren't I would be nervous!"  lol  She keeps encouraging me telling me I will do just fine.

RyAnne's birth was simple.  At my 40 week checkup I was told I was being induced that night.  My water broke the next day at the hospital.  They started my epidural and pitocin.  I pushed 15 minutes and voila!!!  Baby RyAnne was here.  I felt no pain until the epidural was gone.  And then it was super bad pain because of how my epidural was placed.  :(  I have to keep reminding myself that back in the day women didn't have the option of pain free.  They just did it.  I can do this!!!

I have been researching exercises I can do to strengthen up and prepare - Ballerina squats, pelvic tilts and pregnancy yoga. . .but all I really want to do is sleep.  But that's pretty much impossible with a 3.5 year old.  She keeps me busy!  I don't have much work happening this month.  I had a styled wedding shoot on schedule for a new venue and had to cancel due to my back pain.  This about killed me.  I very rarely ever cancel shoots.  :(  I just know at this point in my pregnancy a six to eight hour shoot would have done me in.

Anything sweet and still ice.  My teeth are getting hit really hard.  lol  Chomping on ice and wanting nothing but Oreos.  My dentist would flip out if he knew what I was doing to them!

I found this on Facebook.  I have no idea where it came from so I'm not able to share the credits.  How beautiful this image is!

Happy Saturday Bump Date!!