Hemorrhoid Cream + Big Coffees

Love my title???  lol  I laugh every time I think about the day I posted this photo.  Mostly because it's my every day these days.  And a lot of you wanted to know if the hemorrhoid cream really works. . .It does!!!  :)  And it has become a part of my skin care regime.  :)
Do y'all remember what got me into photography?  I suffered terrible postpartum depression after I had RyAnne.  When she was eight months old Trey bought me my very first DSLR camera.  I started seeing things differently and photographing her sweet little self made me so happy!  It pulled me right out of my depression and a new business and passion were born!
Well, of course, while I was pregnant with Olivia I was concerned that I might go back down the dark path of depression.  Last week I started feeling it again.  The panic attacks were starting to well up in my chest and the pain of wanting to stay in bed all day lingered over me.  I can't do this again!
I've been a lot more open with my friends and family this time around.  I want them to know how I'm feeling so they can help me snap out of it.  :)  It has really helped me to talk with them.  Also, I've decided to turn to the passion that brought happiness and life in such a yucky time in my life - photography!
My first wedding is April 5th.  I'm excited and nervous.  I can't wait to get back behind my camera and lose myself in the joy of a wedding but I'm not wanting to leave my sweet baby girl.  If I could strap her on my back and know that she wouldn't cry during the ceremony, I totally would bring her along.  After all she has been photographing weddings and sweet families with me since she was concieved.  :)

Spring has also gotten me feeling the itch to photograph all my sweet families!!!  My friend, Arlissa Jones, and I are teaming up again this Spring to offer super gorge mini sessions with fabulous backdrops and props.  These sessions will be held at my home in Social Circle and will include a lemonade stand and much, much more.  I am only offering five, 30 minute sessions.  If you would like one please be the first to message me at info@hollylrobbins.com.  The session fee is 20.00 and is due upon booking to hold your spot.  175.00 is due at your session to purchase all of your edited images.
Can't wait to see y'all!
Happy Hump Day!