Brandon + Nicole | Engagement Session

Brandon + Nicole met in 2009 at the University of West Georgia.  They would run into each other on and off campus at various locations.


One night Brandon asked for Nicole's number.  And he began to text her - ALL the time!  At first Nicole just wasn't interested. . .Until he asked her to go to dinner with him on an official date.




Nicole jokes that they found "love in a bar".  While on a date at Plates in Carrollton, Brandon asked her to be his girlfriend.



After three months of dating, Nicole began to realize Brandon wasn't like all the other guys.
He was the ONE!



After dating for three years, Brandon was ready to ask her dad for permission to marry Nicole.  Well he was ready until he had to really ask.  You see Brandon is a former baseball player and now a coach for Eastside High School in Covington, Georgia.  He isn't shy!  He has been faced with the pressure of saving a game, making important calls!  But when it came to asking her dad, yikes, he was so nervous.



But Brandon had nothing to worry about.  Nicole's father happily gave him permission to marry his daughter.




The ring was picked out, Nicole's manicure was perfection and with an upcoming trip to Savannah, Georgia, he knew that would be the perfect place.



Brandon researched locations in Savannah, Georgia that would make for a perfect backdrop.  He decided on Forsyth Park near the gorgeous fountain.


After a full day of touring around the town, Brandon was ready to head to the park.  However, he couldn't find a parking spot!  His nerves began rising up while they were driving around searching for a parking spot.



After finding a parking spot, and walking over to the fountain, Brandon made eye contact with the photographer he hired to document their proposal.  Nerves!



Brandon asked Nicole to get a penny to throw into the fountain for good luck.  After tossing the penny it was Brandon's turn.  He told Nicole, "I already have mine."  And then he bent to one knee with the ring ready and asked his best friend to be his wife.




Brandon recalls the priceless expression on Nicole's face that he will never forget.






















Congratulations Brandon + Nicole!