Alyse + Nick | Factory Shoals Engagement Session

Alyse + Nick met during their high school days. When she saw him for the first time she thought he was so cute with his spiked hair. They hung out in the same group of friends and flirted for a long time. On Valentine's Day morning before school, Nick took Alyse on a little walk. He gave her a box of Stouffer's chocolates and a little black bear and asked her to "go out" with him.

After dating for over five years, Alyse + Nick started talking about marriage. The courthouse was even brought up. They decided to wait until they could afford the wedding of her dreams.

One morning, in early May 2013, Nick told Alyse he had to help a friend work on his car.  This was nothing out of the ordinary and she didn't think twice about it.  A few hours later when Nick returned, Alyse and her best friend were sitting on the couch chatting.  He smiled at Alyse and told her he had a surprise.  She closed her eyes.  But they knew she was a peek-er so they threw a blanket over her head!

When the blanket was pulled off her head and she opened her eyes, Nick was down on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring in a box. He was shaking all over and grinning from ear to ear. She was so shocked that she asked him, "Where did you get that?!" But he replied, "I love you, will you marry me?" Of course she said "YES!" and burst into tears.

They had to wait almost a whole week to tell their families because Alyse's mother was out of town. On Mother’s Day 2013, with all of her family at the dining room table, they announced their engagement by handing her mother a Bride’s magazine and telling her she would need it. Her mother was completely confused until Alyse told her, "It goes with this!" She held out her hand with her ring. Everyone was just ecstatic for them!

Nick and Alyse will have been together over 12 and ½ years when they marry in October.  And I can't wait to photograph their sweet day at Starrsville Plantation!!!

Congratulations Alyse + Nick!!!