Welcome to the World Hudson!

Say Hello to baby Hudson!  It's always such an honor to be asked to photograph newborns and their parents.  Photographing a first time mommy and daddy with their fresh little baby is so sweet.  Kristy Rider called me about a week ago and asked me to photograph her sweet baby boy.  After chatting on the phone a bit I asked her how she was doing.  She paused for a moment and replied, "I'm doing well considering. . ."  After hearing her story I couldn't help but want to share it.  Her and Hudson are miracles and their story should be told.  God is so good.  Kristy has given me permission to share.

"Early Saturday morning on May 3rd, we went to the triage department at labor and delivery thinking I needed some fluids due to a bug and after hours of labs, tests, and no relief our doctor discovered I had developed HELLPS disease which is a form of preeclampsia."

"In my case my liver abscessed and bleed into my body. After an emergency c-section, where I was put under anesthesia because an epidural was not safe, Hudson was here but my condition was severe."

"I went straight to ICU and then I was transferred to Grady due to progressively getting worse and the hospital not being able to meet my needs. Upon my arrival I was awake for an operation where they went in cauterized veins, filled in any holes where blood was escaping, and stopped the bleeding in my liver. I then had a large hematoma around my liver."

"After receiving a lot of blood, platelets, plasma, and medicines I could never recall I remained in ICU for a total of five days."

"We never could have imagined going from 37 weeks and 4days pregnant to a life threatening condition in ICU while our new baby boy was at home in NICU. Without a doubt this was the hardest thing we have ever experienced."

"I had the most perfect pregnancy and we are just so thankful to have a healthy little boy and that I am alive and well."

Thank you Kristy, Carl + Hudson for allowing me to be there to document your adorable family and for sharing your story.

Happy Sunday!