Getting by. . .

Is it really Thursday?  My days are flying by.  Being a mother of two, I tell you what, it's pretty exhausting!   There are days I'm so tired I want to cry.   
As of June 18th, Olivia is now four months old.  She is still nursing perfectly and hitting all her mile stones.  She even rolled over during her four month session.  It caught me off guard!  I had her on her belly and from the view finder of my camera I could see her rolling.  But because she was on the hardwood floors I was afraid she would smack her head. . .and she did.  :(  My finger was still on the trigger while I was reaching to stop her and there is series of blurred shots.

On a daily basis I have at least one blog post idea or a story I want to share with y'all.  I really miss this outlet!  I miss my Hump Day Bump Dates.  I was just re-reading them and reminiscing.  I still plan on sharing my birth story with y'all.  It was the most incredible experience!  I just have to find the time (when I'm not exhausted beyond belief) to give it a good once over.  I even have a slideshow of images all ready for that special blog post!

Check out how much she has changed!  From one month old to four.  :)

At her last check up she weighed in at 13lbs, 12.5oz, and 24.5 inches long.

 This summer, I feel like the worst mother ever.  I'm not getting much consistent sleep.  Olivia sleeps about four to five hours straight, nurses, goes back to sleep then wakes every two hours ready for her next feeding.  This is such a tease!  It makes my days so horrible.  I feel like I can't be a good mother to RyAnne, my attention span is about as big as the tip of a needle, my eyes are glossed over and blood shot, my brain is just fried!  I'm just barely getting by.

RyAnne starts PreK at the end of July and my goal was to make this summer special for her and I.  I wanted to spend time doing fun projects I found on Pinterest, help her perfect writing out her name, read stories and just love on her before she heads off to big girl school. 

Instead of all those lovely things, I end up sitting her at her art table and giving her a project to do all by herself while I take care of her baby sister.  Mom of the year, huh???  Yeah, not even close.

My heart is breaking and longing to just love on this girl like I used to be able to.  I miss our time together.  Before I know it she will be gone from morning till afternoon until she is 18 and evenings, weekends and summer breaks will be our only time.  Just doesn't seem like enough.

I love these girls beyond measure and I pray that God will mold me into a wonderful mother for them.

Praying for some decent sleep!