Hiding out, eating chocolate, taking photographs, being super random.

It's rare but there are some days I want to be completely alone surrounded by chocolate.  I don't want anyone to touch me, call my name or say a word!  I get zero sleep.  Olivia is wanting to nurse at least twice at night.  This makes waking up at 6:00 am to get RyAnne ready for school pretty darn hard.  Not to mention having to function the rest of the day.  And I'm no napper. . .ain't nobody got time for that! ;)

I love being a mommy.  Like, I love it so much I really want another baby!  Not just yet but I def want to have three children before I hit the big 3-5.  ;)

Next week we will meet with our family photographer for our first family of four photographs.  I'm so excited!  I have had our outfits picked out for over a month now.  ;)

I've been so slammed this month with sessions.  Which is always a blessing!  I have really enjoyed the fall weddings and all of these sweet fall sessions.  I have just a few Santa sessions if anyone is interested. ;)

Happy Friday!