Deanna + Ben | Hard Labor Creek State Park Engagement

Deanna + Ben met for the first time during a coed world softball tournament in October of 2012. In between games she had to attend a funeral service.  Once she made it back to the softball field she didn't feel the most attractive.  That day they had another break between games and as a team they all went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. This turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE!  Deanna rode with her friends and only brought a small bag. She grabbed her wallet out of the truck and left behind the bag that consisted of essentials. . .her fave 26 year old Wilson glove, socks, keys and hairbands. That night during dinner her friend's truck was broken into. They took her bag!

She was devastated that her Wilson was gone She felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway. She ended up riding back with Ben and the other team mates to be back in time for their next game. Thankfully the night ended with their team winning The World and they all received rings! It was a very eventful night that neither one of them will forget.


They became friends on Facebook and talked a little bit there. The next weekend they were both at Johnson Park, for more softball of course! :) They chatted for a bit and Deanna was leaving he walked out with her and asked for her phone number. They began to text here and there and on Sunday Nov 4th they met up at Mellow Mushroom and watched the Falcons and Cowboys play. Oddly enough, they were fans of both!


They spent the evening getting to know each other and even extended their dinner date to bowling that same night.


They spent every day after their first date texting and talking. Having so much in common and the love of sports helped of course. The relationship came from nowhere to everything, and so easily and effortless.


Neither of them were looking for a relationship and were both taken by surprise. Deanna met his son and wonderful family. They welcomed her and her mother as if they were already a part of the family.



Deanna knows in her heart that, "God put us in each others life."


Earlier in 2013 Ben's mother planned a family beach trip in July with the whole Bergman family. Ben's parents and two brothers and their families headed to Myrtle Beach the week of July 4th. It was not planned originally for Deanna's mom to go. However, they ended up with an extra room somehow and asked her to come along.


That next morning Deanna woke up early because she knew it was supposed to be beautiful and the bad weather had moved out. She asked Ben if he wanted to go walk on the beach. It was only 8:15 am but she expected him to say no. . .to her surprise he said yes! He asked her to see if her mom and his son Jacob wanted to go. They sleepily said no. They walked down the beach hand in hand, stopped and took some pictures of the beach, and picked up some shells.


As they were walking he stopped, turned to face her and said, " You know I love you right?" She of course said "Yes!" Ben replied, "I've waited almost 35 years to do this. . ." He got down on one knee and took a ring out of his pocket . "Will you marry me?"



Deanna said, "YES!"



They headed back to the room to share their good news! Her mom and Ben's son, Jacob, were out on the balcony looking for them. They showed them the ring and they both teared up and were so excited. Jacob literally hugged Deanna for 30 minutes! Although, they were sad they missed it and couldn't believe they didn't see them from the balcony, they couldn't have been more happy!






They called and text the remaining family members and friends and were showered with love and support. That night they celebrated with the BEST dinner at the Noizy Oyster. They couldn't be more blessed to have each other and a loving family bond. Everything was in God's timing and there is no doubt of that!  Deanna and Ben will say their vows on May 2, 2015! I can't wait! Love you guys! H.