Channy + Johnathan | Ashton Gardens Wedding

Channy met Johnathan a couple of times before they actually started acknowledging each other.  Her wonderful friend and bridesmaid, Tracy, invited her to a couple of parties that Johnathan hosted.  Channy paid him no mind in the beginning, but after crossing paths a few more times, Johnathan was adamant in getting to know her.   She turned him down a couple of times, but he was so persistent that one day she finally gave in.  They went on their first “date” at a sports bar; Hooters to be exact.  “Date” is in quotations because it wasn’t really a first date.  He was with his friends from college and invited Channy to join them.  They met up to catch the Auburn vs. South Carolina game.  It was an SEC Championship game that Channy didn't have much interest in.  Despite the whole sports things Channy had such a good time and she told him there would definitely be a second date!

The day before Channy's birthday on August 30th, 2013,  she made dinner plans in Midtown at a restaurant called South City Kitchen.  Originally, plans were to meet up at the restaurant; both taking seperate cars.  Channy kinda messed up Johnathan's plans by getting off work early and heading home so they would have plenty of time to get ready and ride together to her birthday dinner.  When Johnathan found out this change in plans HE made a quick change that got his plans back on track!  He made plans to meet up with his brothers in Midtown for some drinks, so they ended up driving separately to the restaurant.

Channy made it to Midtown earlier than their reservation time, so they met up at a bar next door for some drinks.  Johnathan's brother, Gary, was there and they invited him to join them for dinner.  Johnathan had to meet with his brothers before to have "that talk" and this is why Channy couldn't ride to dinner with him.  During drinks Gary kept talking about how he couldn’t wait to have Channy as a sister.   She thought it was the drinks talking, but Gary knew something!!
They all finally made it to dinner.  The majority of the time, Gary kept talking about the importance of family and love.  Next thing you know, Johnathan gets up and proposes. Yes, he STOOD UP and proposed!! He then decides to get on his knees!!  It was very sweet, and Gary was there to capture the moment.  It was the best early birthday gift that Channy has ever received.
Congratulations Channy + Johnathan!!!