Kelsie + Eugene | Cotton Field Engagement

Last weekend I got to spend the evening with Trey's cousin, Kelsie, and her fiancé, Eugene, photographing their engagement session at Hard Labor Creek State Park + the cotton fields of Bostwick, Georgia.  We are all so very excited for them and can't wait to see these two get married next fall 2015!  Until then, I get to share their love story and the beautiful images we captured that day. . .<3.

Eugene and Kelsie started talking on June 6, 2013. Her best friend Taylor was dating Eugene’s best friend at the time, (they are now married) and she gave Eugene Kelsie's phone number.  From their first phone conversation their connection was instant!  They began talking everyday.  Eugene was everything Kelsie wanted and had ever hoped for in a man and she knew he was the one.  

Eugene lives in Eastman, GA, and Kelsie lives in West Point, GA, which didn’t bother either of them because they liked each other so much. Even though they hadn’t met each other yet, they both knew what was started between them was a good thing. 

Eight days after starting their phone relationship, Kelsie + Eugene finally got to meet in person.  As she walked down the steps of her house she could see Eugene pulling into the driveway. They met at the door, he was holding a bouquet of flowers. <3.

Their first date involved dinner and a movie.  They were so comfortable with each other and he treated her like I she had never been treated before.  He still wasn’t officially her boyfriend though and when the weekend was over, he went home and they made plans to see each other again.  She asked him on June 23 to officially be her boyfriend and of course he said yes.

During their ten month anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend, Kelsie + Eugene were took a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with their good friends.  Kelsie was hoping he would ask her to marry him, but when he didn’t do it the first day, she figured this wasn’t the right weekend.  

On the second day of their vacation they decided to go on the sky lift up the mountain.  While on top of the mountain, 1600 feet up, Eugene asked Kelsie to pose for some photographs.  Before she knew it he was on his knee, holding her hand and asking her to marry him! 

I can't wait to photograph your wedding at Del'avant in October 2015!