Shooting Film. . .

About three weeks ago, I purchased a Canon EOS A2 film camera.  I have been very inspired by my friend Whitney Huynh and Miriam Fincher.  Whitney shoots film and Miriam wants to learn how.  Seeing the amazing things Whitney is doing had me inspired to learn!

It's really not that different than shooting manually with a digital camera.  .  .EXPECT, you can't see what you just photographed until about two weeks later when the film is processed and scanned!  lol  This about made me crazy waiting!

I love the instant gratification of digital.  I love that I can come home after a shoot and upload a sneak peek photo. . .not so with film.

But when I opened my first roll of film and took a breath in, the smell of the film reminded me of the good ol' days.  Oh! And the grain is just divine!

Yesterday, I photographed a lovely Equine Styled Shoot.  I shot film + digital.  Can't wait to share more with y'all!
Merry Christmas!