Erika + Larry | Gathers Plantation Engagement Session

In the spring of 2013 Larry accepted a local job in Covington, Georgia.  That was the first time he saw her and thought to himself, "She is way out of my league."  However, he still wanted to talk to her since she was going to be his coworker. 


One day she was at work, off the clock, working on her truck and right then is when Larry decided that he was going to make the effort of getting to know her.

He helped her with her truck and got it running just right.  After that day he was never able to work with her due to their conflicting schedules for almost two months.  In June Larry was off work from both of his jobs and rode past their work.  He noticed she was there.  He turned in so he could have the opportunity to talk to her more.  It sounds a little stalker-ish but he didn't meant it that way. They had a long talk getting to know each other and they continued to talk from that point on.

In June of 2013, Larry stopped by Erika's work to drop off a cookie cake just for her since she was working on her birthday and having a rough day there.  Ever since then he has committed himself to making sure she had someone there for her to talk to and show her the love she deserves.    

Erika + Larry will marry at Gathers Plantation in May 2015!  I can't wait to witness the love!

Happy Tuesday y'all!