Ashley + Aaron | Two Year Anniversary Session

Yay! Look at these two! They will be celebrating their two year wedding anniversary very soon. I'm so happy for them. I remember their wedding day like it was yesterday. After their ceremony we headed over to their gorgeous reception venue and the sun was shining beautifully as we walked through the woods to photograph them as husband and wife! OH and, I remember our feet were completely yellow from all the pollen. lol And this girl, ME, had on sandals. Eew. lol But ya’ gotta do what ya’ gotta do! We all laughed about our yellow feet that day. :) During Ashley + Aaron’s two year anniversary session, we laughed once again because our feet were yellow after this session too! Ashley and I have stayed in touch over the past two years. She has modeled for me twice for styled shoots and this year she let me take home her prize winning bunny, Amp, for my Spring Mini sessions I hosted last week! I’m not gonna lie - I was a little nervous! Only because I know how much Amp means to her. He is her show bunny and a gift from her husband. I was scared to death he would jump out of my little clients arms and off into the woods. I prayed every. single. session. that this would NOT happen! My daughter RyAnne was my assistant bunny holder on some of my sessions and she fell in love with Amp. Our sessions turned out so, so sweet. My little clients just loved holding and kissing on him.

Ashley - thank you SO much for trusting me and my clients for your bun bun and Happy Two Year!!!

P.S. Click here to view their engagement session --------> Ashley + Aaron's engagement session and Here to see our Spring Mini's with Amp the bunny! ---------> Spring Mini's 2016

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