Robbins' Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Spring Break

Trey and I have been coming to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina every year for over eight years now. We absolutely love it. We love the beaches, scenery, food and the shopping too. This trip we decided to try out a few new restaurants. Some were so good we went right back the very next day. Some were so bad I was grossed out. Eew.

On the way to SC we stopped off in Savannah at Paula Dean's restaurant, The Lady & Son's. Man-O-Man was it good! You can order from the menu or pick up a plate and head to the buffet. That's what we did! The buffet was loaded with fried chicken, pot roast, mashed potatoes, collard greens, cabbage, black eyed peas, mac and cheese, and corn casserole. While we were eating a server was walking around offering everyone a biscuit on a pancake. Weird, but good. Although we were stuffed beyond belief, we couldn't pass up dessert. Our buffet meal came with dessert. We ordered the gooy butter cake, banana pudding and peach cobbler. They were all fabulous.

For breakfast the next morning we ate at The Hilton Head Diner. I had the Western Omlet. Yumm-O!

For dinner that night we decided to try out a new place, The Hickory Tavern. We were so disappointed. The restaurant was very attractive but the food was just gross and the service was blah.

Thankfully a friend of mine responded to my Facebook plea asking for recommendations for good food! Thank you Rebecca for helping a hungry girl out!!! We headed over to Amigos Cafe Y Cantina. It's in a shopping center and looks a bit like a hole in the wall but the food and service were top notch! We started off with their Cheese Dip, Salsa and Chips. The cheese dip was a very large portion. I lurvvve me some cheese and this was good! For my meal I ordered their famous BBQ Chicken Salad. So many fresh textures and flavors! The salad has cole slaw, fresh crunchy corn, crispy lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, all topped with cut up BBQ chicken served in a fried taco shell. We all left with very happy bellies!

Trey and I love pizza. We eat pizza sometimes twice a week. When we were on the island I knew I had to try out a pizza joint! I looked it up and according to a local magazine New York City Pizza was voted the island's best pizza restaurant. We headed there for lunch one day. The location was super cool with outdoor dining - my fave! The service was great but the food was flavorless. I was upset. We ordered the fried chicken BBQ pizza that came with bacon on it. We added banana peppers for a 1.00 charge. I could see the toppings but I couldn't taste them. I'm guessing I couldn't taste them because they weren't fresh. Total bummerrrrr!

One of our fave spots for breakfast/brunch was The French Bakery & Cafe. The atmosphere is very pretty and the smell is intoxicating! While reading their menu you will find out how to drink a cup of coffee correctly. lol I left feeling like a coffee conasurè! I ordered a Cafe Mocha. It was hands down the best mocha I have ever had in my life! The first morning I had the French toast on Brioche. It came with thick cut bacon that they served on the same plate as my French toast and everything was covered in syrup. I also ordered a side of cheese eggs. Everything was so so good!!! Trey ordered Brioche French toast with cherry topping, whip cream and a cream cheese drizzle. My mouth is watering just thinking about the goodness of that meal! While paying for our meal at the counter there are cases of bakery goodies that they make daily. The macaroons caught our eye. They offer several flavors. We picked the strawberry, coffee, orange and chocolate. I had not ever had a macaroon before. It was incredible. Light, fluffy with a crispy outer layer.

The very next morning we headed back to the French Bakery for another dose of deliciousness! This time I ordered the Eggs Benedict on a Croissant. It came out looking like it belonged in a food magazine. The Croissant was flaky fabulous with perfectly pouched eggs, asparagus, cooked spinach, thick cut bacon and covered in Hollandaise sauce. It was served with a small cup of fresh fruit.

Poseidon was another restaurant we tried out. When we sat down to eat we noticed they didn't have crab legs on the menu. We thought this was strange considering it's a sea food place. We asked our waitress if they offered crab legs and she said yes but they were on their dinner menu. Thankfully she said we could order from the dinner menu - RyAnne is a crab leg-aholic!!! Trey and I both ordered salads. They were okay. Nothing special and not very fresh. The crab legs were good but we kept finding empty legs. lol We would work so hard to crack those suckers open only to find nada in them. Although, when we did get meat it was good. Poseidon is located in a new shopping center. Which was fabulous. Also, it's right on the coast! There is a beautiful play ground and park that my girls had a blast at. We walked down the sidewalk overlooking the water during sunset.

Trey was feeling the need for some speed (even though the speed limit was 25-45 on every. single. road! :( lol I found a car rental shop and got us the most beautiful red convertible. This little car was so much fun!!! Totally not practical for a stroller carrying family of four BUT we crammed ourselves in (stroller and all) put the top down and jammed out!!!

Our girls had a blast in the frigid kiddy pool. And on the beach they made new friends, built sand castles and tossed around a beach ball while Trey and I chilled (literally) in our beach chairs. lol It was pretty chilly during our Spring Break trip.

I'm so thankful to have had this little break from reality. Our schedules have been quite full the past few weeks and we really needed this time to just "be"!

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