Haley + Justin's Covington, Georgia Engagement Session

Haley + Justin met one another at a New Year’s Eve party. Two days after meeting they went on their first date - at Haley’s grandparents house! lol They originally made dinner plans for just the two of them but when her Mama Jean called and invited them over they couldn’t resist. At the time Haley’s Poppa was sick and not doing very well. Justin understood this and knew the importance of spending the extra time with family and went right along with it. Justin fit in perfectly with Haley’s family and they both knew quickly in their relationship they were each other’s forever love. Haley + Justin both attended the University of Georgia and are Dawg fans. They decided to go to the UGA/Bama football game on October 3rd. When they arrived in Athens it was pouring rain! Being the big fans they are, they stuck out the bad weather. Before the game they walked through down town Athens to find something for breakfast and just happen to see a friend she knew. Justin + Haley were close the the famous arches on the UGA campus and Justin asked their friend (who just happen to have a camera) to take their photograph under the arches. When Haley started to smile for the photo Justin dropped to one knee. He asked Haley to be his wife and she said YES!

Haley + Justin’s family’s are their world. They grew up on the lake and to this day both enjoy lake life activities. Recently they bought their first home together in Cumming, Georgia and they are so excited to start their lives as husband and wife!

I know their August wedding will be spectacular at the beautiful 9 Oaks Farm! Can't wait!!


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