Kaylee + Will | Athens, Ga Farm Engagement Session

I am so excited to share this engagement session with y'all! I met these two, Kaylee + Will, at her best friend's, Maggie + Chris', wedding I was photographing in August. I remember specifically seeing Kaylee + Will dancing to a slow song and photographing them. I could see how in love they were through my lens. She contacted me shortly after her friend Maggie's wedding and asked me if I would be her engagement and wedding photographer. . .of course I said YES! :) And boy, oh, boy did we have the best time chasing the sunlight at this gorgeous equestrian farm in Athens, Ga.! Kaylee + Will met by chance! Kaylee was out on the town celebrating her friend's bachelorette party. It was at the end of the night and they were in a cab headed back home, when one of her girlfriends asked if they could make one more stop. Kaylee was reluctant, as she was past ready to be home after a full night. However, she gave in and they stopped off at another bar, Lost Dog, to see her friend's finance. Kaylee made her way up to the bar and immediately noticed a very handsome guy with great hair to her left. They made eye contact several times and finally after a few minutes of awkward silent glances and sips of their drinks, she  broke the ice and said, "Hello!"

The two became lost in conversation and completely lost track of time. So lost, that Kaylee had forgotten about her friends! After a while her friends appeared and told her it was time to head home. Although she was the one that didn't want to go to the bar in the first place, she was now the one that didn't want to leave! She wanted to stay as long as possible and talk to the cute, interesting guy with the great hair. Before she made her way towards the exit, Will asked her to put her number in his phone. In the cab on the way home, Kaylee heard her phone sound and it was a text message from Will. She got butterflies and hoped she would get to see him again!

After making plans with Kaylee and breaking them THREE times over the next couple of weeks, Will FINALLY asked her to meet with him at the dog park with their dogs for their first date.

Kaylee and Will have been dating now for almost a year and a half. While on a trip to Sedona, Arizona (with another couple who just happens to be a professional photographer) Will and their friends coordinated a photo shoot for the two of them at sunset by the gorgeous red rocks on Devil's Bridge. There, on the stunning peak, Will dropped to one knee and gave Kaylee the surprise of a lifetime and proposed to her. How romantic is that?!?! Congratulations Kaylee + Will!


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