Jones Family | Bostwick, Ga. Family Session

I have known this beautiful lady, Arlissa Jones of Arlissa Jones Photography, for many, many years. We met when I first moved to Covington when we were 15. Many, many more years later (not gonna say how many exactly, lol) we reconnected and realized we were BOTH photographers and mommy’s of little girl’s the same age. Our girl’s now attend school together, her and I work out at the gym almost every morning together AND we shoot together too!This year her and I swapped photographing each other’s family sessions. I’m not gonna lie, until arriving and really getting started with their session, I was really nervous! I never want to let anyone down, especially NOT one of my photog/good friends! Eek! Arlissa Jones and Fam. I hope you guys enjoyed your photog experience with being on the other side of the camera and love your session as much as I do.

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