Joshua Colton | Social Circle, Ga. Newborn Session

This little guy, Colt, with his tiny self, weighing just over 5 pounds is so adorable with the softest dark hair and sweet little belly. Colt has twin brothers that I am sure will teach him the ropes! I really enjoyed catching up with his mommy, Sandi. Her and I went to high school together, however many years ago. . .not tellin' how many! lol RyAnne was at the session and couldn't wait to ask his mommy if she could hold him. :) She is going to be the bestest big, big sister to her new sibling. Oh I can't wait! Congratulations Sandi + Chad!

Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0001.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0002.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0003.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0004.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0005.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0006.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0007.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0019.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0008.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0009.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0010.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0011.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0012.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0013.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0014.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0015.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0016.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0017.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0018.jpg