Olvia is this many. . .


Yesterday was just nuts at the Robbins' house. Trey and I were awakened at the early hour of 5:00am with RyAnne getting sick. . .in our bed. Poor baby. Olivia's Three Year session was on schedule for that same day and there was no rescheduling. We are on a time frame here! She was sick too with a cold, sniffles, SNOT. Oh, lots of snot. I kept the tissue box right next to me during her shoot. So while her face is a little puffy from the yuck I absolutely LOVE how her session turned out. I still can't believe she is going to be THREE next month. Holy moly! I sure do love being her mommy. She is the funniest little girl. Always making us laugh! She says the silliest things, like, "Hey momma, show me dis'!" when she is about to do something awesome and wants us to watch her. She sings, "Do you want to build a snowman?" and "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and knows almost all of the lyrics. She's obsessed with super hero's, cars, trucks, trains, baby dolls and making me the perfect cup of coffee from her toy coffee machine. She is learning how to ride her tricycle and climbs on EVERYTHING! Even the dressing room clothes hooks. Eek! She asks me all the time, "Am I the baby?" Kinda makes me sad to think that very soon she won't be anymore but I know she will be a very good big sister to the new little one. She's hardly afraid of anything and loves her doggies, Chloe, Lulu and Roxie Bum Bums <---Olivia came up with the Bum Bums part. lol And she wants to be just like her big sister, RyRy. Happy early birthday doll baby!

Here is how I made my DIY heart. . . The heart is made from foam board I purchased at Home Depot. I found it in the insulation section. I drew a heart shape on it with a marker and started cutting it out with a razor knife. To cut out the holes for the lights, don't laugh, I used a Crayola marker. The end with the cap is perfect! lol I pushed the cap right through the foam. Add red spray paint and pop the lights in! Olivia's outfits are from Old Navy.

Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0001.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0002.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0003.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0004.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0005.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0006.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0007.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0008.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0009.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0010.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0011.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0012.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0013.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0014.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0015.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0016.jpg Monroe_Ga_Maternity_Photographers_0017.jpg