RyAnne's 7th Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated our sweet girl's SEVENTH birthday with our friends and family. Holy moly. . .SEVEN! Still can't believe it. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she said, "TROLLS!" Trolls it was! We scheduled her party and sent out invitations for last Sunday. Well, the forecast said 100% chance of rain that day and we ended up having to reschedule her party for the following Sunday. Thankfully most her friends and family were able to make it. The weather was perfect this Sunday! Yay! Well, almost perfect. The wind was a little fierce at first. Trey and I created this super cute and very colorful balloon backdrop to go behind the food table. However, the wind caught it and knocked it over TOWARDS the food and cake. So, we had to take it down. :(

I had my friend Karen, of Karen's Sweet Confections in Monroe, Ga, do RyAnne's Troll cake. It's SO cute. I added the little Trolls and mushrooms. I thought it would be fun for her to get to keep them and use them in her fairy garden. ;) For the goodies I made, Fruity Pebble marshmallow treats and white chocolate cover strawberries with sprinkles.

Our party favors consisted of Troll hair bands and Play Doh Troll kits. Who doesn't LOVE Play Doh!

social_circle_ga_photographers_0001.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0002.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0003.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0004.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0005.jpg Look at all these cuties! social_circle_ga_photographers_0006.jpg RyAnne wanted to play some games at her party. I found a couple of Minute to Win it games that I THOUGHT would be a good idea. lol This is the Fruit by the Foot game. The object was to see who could eat the most without using their hands. lol Well, I forgot to mention they couldn't touch it. . .so they all ended up cramming the ENTIRE Fruit Roll Up in their mouths. Eww. social_circle_ga_photographers_0007.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0008.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0009.jpg This is when I realized just how bad of an idea this game was. lol Everyone's faces! I was scared to death they were gonna choke. Everyone was safe! social_circle_ga_photographers_0010.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0011.jpg The next game was called Cookie Face. The object of this game is to place a cookie on your cheek and without touching the cookie move it to your mouth. It was SO funny to watch them. I tried to show them how to move their faces to make the cookie slide down to their mouth. hahaha! They gave me the oddest looks. They all decided to just try and use their tongues instead. social_circle_ga_photographers_0012.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0013.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0014.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0015.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0016.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0017.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0018.jpg Once we finished up with ALL that sugar. . .why not eat cake! Haha! social_circle_ga_photographers_0019.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0020.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0021.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0022.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0023.jpg I know y'all have heard about the Color Run 5K. Trey and I found the packets of chalk they use during that event and let the kids go crazy with it in the yard! social_circle_ga_photographers_0024.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0025.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0026.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0027.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0028.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0029.jpg social_circle_ga_photographers_0030.jpg I hope everyone had a fabulous day with us! We sure did! social_circle_ga_photographers_0031.jpg

Once everyone left the party, we ate dinner - REAL FOOD that didn't have sugar in it. lol After dinner, RyAnne got all her gifts out and started singing a song she made up, "This is the best day of my liiiiiiife!" Thank you to everyone that came to her party and made her feel so very special!

Happy birthday doll baby!!! We love you SO very much!