Lacey & Matt | Mansfield, Ga. Engagement Session


Lacey & Matt’s Engagement/Just Married Session!

Yes, you read that correctly! Lacey and Matt have known each other since the beginning of their lives! Their families have been friends for generations. They grew up in a small farming town and that’s just how it is there - the roots are deep and friends become more like family!
Although Matt and Lacey’s story starts off very bitter sweet but was perfectly planned out by God! Lacey and Matt’s moms are best friends and both ended up expecting babies at that same time. Matt was born on February 13th, 1980. A couple of months later, Lacey’s mom and dad suffered a loss that too many are forced to face with the death of their baby, Judson on his due date.

During their time of healing, the friends bonded over both the blessings and the loss and three years later almost to the date (February 9, 1983) baby Lacey made her grand debut and was given the middle name Ann after Matt's mom's middle name. Lacey and Matt were side by side in birthday and childhood photos and then as life does, their paths led in different directions and to different states.

Thanks to social media, they reconnected and followed each other’s lives for close to a year. Then in December they both ended up in Georgia at the same time. Matt, having just moved home and Lacey, home for Christmas vacation. The day after Christmas Matt decided to stop by for a visit and invited Lacey on a date: Creech Family Christmas followed by a dinner date later plus the new Star Wars movie. They made the most of the two weeks they had before Lacey had to return to Nashville, but it was the most perfect start to the relationship they worked to build over the next two and a half years.

After much praying, the door was opened for Lacey to finally be able to move home this past summer and on a perfect October day, Matt had a surprise up his sleeve! They went to the Atlanta Ferris Wheel and at the very top just as the wheel stopped, Matt got down on one knee and asked Lacey to spend the rest of their lives together. She said YES!
Mansfield Baptist Church is the church Lacey was raised in and they have made it “their” church home now that they are both back in Georgia together. Lacey and Matt felt it on their hearts to get married before God in their church now and have a really small celebration with all the bells and whistles on family property next Spring. So, on November 14th they were married in the sweetest ceremony by their Pastor Jeff Perkins with only their parents and Lacey’s Grandmother in attendance. It was such a perfect, easy, and carefree day that focused completely on their commitment to each other and God. 

When Lacey and her mom, Mrs. Marcia, sat in my office and told me this story, well, we ALL cried our eyes out! For one, isn’t it just a beautiful story of how God has the right person “made” for us?! They followed their hearts and the path he was leading them on, creating each other perfectly to be partners. Such an amazing testimony that even their parents had a part in.

Lacey and Matt’s engagement/just married photographs were taken in Mansfield on the most gorgeous family land! The cute little boat was Matt’s grandfathers. The two spent so much time cleaning it up and prepping it for their session. It’s sooooo cute! I love how Lacey decorated it too!

Now, their session just happened to be on the COLDEST day of the year so far but you can’t even tell by their expressions! I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes but these two look like they are so warm! lol I am so glad becuase I imagine they had to be feeling like popsicles out on that water! Oh, and that! It was also very windy that day. . .the wind carried that cute little boat out to the middle of the lake and Lacey and Matt only had one oar to make it back to the banks. It was a struggle fighting against the current the wind was throwing at them.

Once they made is safely back to land, we walked around their gorgeous property creating magic! This is also where they will have their ceremony in April and I cannot wait!!

Lacey and Matt, I am so very happy for the both of you! Congratulations!