Catherine's Cake Smash! | Social Circle, Ga.


Happy birthday Catherine!

Well, her birthday is really tomorrow BUT we (the internet) are gonna celebrate her today! I have spent lots of time photographing this incredible family and the one thing that I just LOVE about them are their SMILES! Plus, (okay there is really more than one thing) their babes are the most joyous children! They give me the sweetest smiles and are just so mannerly too!

When Catherine and Conner’s grandparents showed up for some photos, Conner took off through our pasture towards them. He sure does love them!

Once it was time for Catherine’s cake smash, she didn’t seem very thrilled about the sugar. Conner on the other hand, he helped his little sis out and ate some for her! My chickens helped out too - EEK!

Ciara and Mark, I love spending time with you and your family! You guys are just rocking parenthood! Your babes are a testament to that!