Shelley and Drew | Ashton Garden Wedding


I don’t even know where to begin! When I walked into the bridal suite and saw Shelley standing there surrounded by her ladies with a HUGE smile plastered on her face - I knew it was going to be a magical day! And it sure was!

Every part of Shelley’s day was perfect and meaningful! Shelley was blessed with two dad’s and two mom’s. Her step-dad and step-mom had a huge part in raising her and her siblings. While her dad walked her down the aisle, her step dad was there to marry her. Yes, I know! I totally cried too because the message and sweet stories he had to share of how much he loved her was just so beautiful! And then, there is the look on Drew’s face when he saw Shelley walking towards him. . .yes, I lost it again! lol

I know, you would think after photographing as many weddings as I have this wouldn’t phase me. Oh, but it does. Every bride and groom, with their family dynamics are different and special in their own way. When these ladies are walking down the aisle, I’m seeing the story come full circle for them and their loved ones! It’s a beautiful thing to whiteness and be a part of.

During their toasts, Shelley and Drew stood together as her father’s thanked one another for helping each other raise her. Her best friends toasted her and Drew with bread rolls from O’Charlie’s because that was a part of Shelley’s dream wedding back when they were little: marry a handsome, rich man and have O’Charlie’s cater their wedding!

I watched as their friends and family celebrated them all night long with dancing, conversations and love! Congratulations Shelley and Drew, and thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day!