My VERY first promo video from about SIX years ago!

It doesn’t really seem like it’s been SEVEN years since I started my business! I remember the excitement so very well! I remember doing a Google search for “How to create a business plan” and all those endless nights watching YouTube videos on how to use my entry level DSLR camera - the fancy Rebel T1i! I had all the drive and SPUNK in the world going into this venture! OH! AND even more importantly I had my husband’s support!!!! 

Kaylyn and Brett-19.jpg

I had decided to go into a field that I knew very little about and leave behind my massage therapy practice that I had endlessly worked over six years to build! I went into photography with absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of how to use my camera! Well, other than how to half-click to focus! Haha! Thankfully I was able to play off of my strong suite, I’m good with people! The technical knowledge came later with experience and LOTS of YouTube videos! 


My point in writing this today, is to encourage you to follow your HEART!!! I prayed that God would lead me to discover the talent that he puts in us all - my God given talent. He made it very clear to me and then I started to pray, asking. . .”What should I do with this talent?” “How should I share it for Your glory, Lord?” He made my path very clear and I followed faithfully!


I have met the most incredible people along my way, made some great friends, witnessed many, many marriages, photographed couples become a FAMILY and documented the growth of their children. . .my heart is ALWAYS so full! I thank God for steering me in this direction!!! I have had many different jobs that taught me so many different qualities! All which were preparing me to be your photographer! 



  • Being so fun to work with!
  • Trusting me to capture your most important memories!
  • Having babies so I can hold them and photograph them too! lol
  • Being my friend!
  • Supporting me!
  • AND for allowing me to be YOUR photographer!!!

CHEERS to MANY MANY more years together!!!!