Five Weeks After My Cleanse


You guys have had SO many great questions for me over the past couple of weeks regarding my blog post about The Juice From the Raw cleanse that I completed. While I answered everyone privately, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you here - just in case you were thinking it but never asked!  

A lot of you have asked me. . . 

Question #1: How do they taste? 
Good!! I actually loved them! I would have purchased more of them just to have one a day BUT you people have bought out Covington Kroger! lol I have attempted to purchase them several times now! Up until about two weeks ago they were STILL sold out! I was sad and happy about this! Sad there are no more for me BUT SO HAPPY you guys are trying something new and taking the time to learn more about how your body functions! That’s so awesome and kinda makes up for ME not getting my juice fix for three weeks! lol

Question #2: Did you lose any weight? 
I intentionally didn’t bring this up in the last blog post because that isn’t why I did the cleanse. My goal wasn’t to lose weight it was to do something kinda extreme to totally break up my normal (bad habits) routine! And that is exactly what it did for me! And yes, I actually did lose a couple pounds. FIVE!!! Whoa! And that was just in the first week! Since then I have lost an additional five pounds for a total of ten pounds down!

Question #3: How did you NOT eat for THREE days?!
I think because I was drinking the juice every two hours it kept me feeling full. There was one time on day one of the cleanse, I woke up in the middle of the night with my stomach growling! I forced myself to go back to sleep! Eek! When I woke up in the morning I didn’t feel hungry. Also, I have noticed since completing the cleanse that I don’t eat as much! Sweet!

Question #4: How did you hear about this cleanse?
I did a good ol’ Google search for “juice cleanse” and bam! The Juice From the Raw and Good Cleansing both caught my eye. I used some of the info of each site to determine the way I chose to do my cleanse.

I also wanted to add that the protein coffee that I chose to drink, wasn’t a part of the Juice From the Raw cleanse. I didn’t want to get a headache and be completely miserable for three days so I found the 1915 plant based, gluten/dairy free organic coffee and just went with it! The cleanse, as I read online, is six of their juices a day. Ah, well. . .just do what works best for YOU but I do recommend keeping it clean - dairy free, gluten free and organic!

By doing a cleanse (if done correctly) you are essentially taking ALL THE CRAP out of your diet! Once I started putting things back in like dairy, I found out that my belly HATES it! Ugh, that was a hard lesson to learn! If you remember in my last blog post, I mentioned the first thing I had the day after completing the cleanse was a protein shake and it bloated out my belly so bad and made it gurgle. It hurt so bad. After reading the label on my protein shake I realized it has milk in it! By day two after the cleanse I had a slice of cheese in my dinner and my belly bloated out again! That’s when I realized that I might not be handling dairy properly. Before doing the cleanse I would have a cup of coffee with a milk based liquid creamer. It was SOOOO good! But it was making me feel bad and I never put two and two together! It was just how I started my day! After my cup of coffee I noticed my fingers would swell, I had indigestion, my nasal passage would always feel swollen and my face just always looked inflamed, especially around my eyes. That totally sounds like I have an allergy, right???  

I’m so thankful that God lead me to this discovery and paved the path for me to do this cleanse. Otherwise, I would still be so miserable in my body.

I'm still investigating all this but I have been mostly dairy and gluten FREE for almost a month now and I feel so incredible! My skin looks so clear and hydrated, my belly doesn’t look or feel bloated any more, my eyes don’t look near as puffy! However, this pollen isn’t helping at the moment!!! I am totally thrilled with the results and what it has taught me about my body! About two weeks after the cleanse, Trey and I decided to clean out our pantry and fridge! We cleared it of all gluten and dairy products!!! That was a really big deal! Trey has been suffering from a gluten intolerance for some time now. But even though we took the gluten out of his diet he was still not feeling 100%. When I decided to take the dairy and gluten out of my diet, he and I both had a light bulb moment! He probably has a dairy intolerance too! We are still investigating this.   

I sure hope this motivates at least one of you to take a step towards living a healthier life! I am by NO means a doctor or know everything about gluten and dairy intolerances BUT I am learning and making small changes here and there that I KNOW are going to make my quality of life so much better. Which in turn will make my husband and children’s lives better!!!! And that ain’t a joke! 

I am always open to questions so please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! OH! And good luck to all of you that have shared (tagged in your juice photos on IG! I love it!) with me that you are starting the cleanse!!! I’m so excited for you! I hope it reveals to you something you may not have ever known about your body! Even if it’s just that you completed something SO challenging as not eating for three whole days!!!