Spring Mini Sessions | The Georgia International Horse Park


This year, unlike any other, I decided to host some VERY last minute Spring Mini sessions at the International Horse Park before the cherry blossoms withered away! And when I say last minute I mean the week I put it out there was the same week I photographed these sweet families!!! I never do mini sessions so "unplanned" but they were awesome enough to meet with me the day before Easter! ;) It turned out to be a very beautiful spring day for us! 

Oh and guess what happened?!?!? I need to share a little back story here!! RyAnne, my oldest daughter who is almost eight, begged to go with me to my sessions! She LOVES being my assistant and helping me with the little clients - she can put a smile on their sweet little faces like it’s nobody’s business!! Well, on the way there she asked where we were going. I told her, “It’s a place called The International Horse Park.” She about went crazy thinking she was going to be seeing tons of horses!! I had to explain that where we were going there probably weren’t going to be any horses. She said, “Well, I’m sure I will see some! I really just want to pet them!!!” Poor baby is SO horsey deprived right now! Ever since last summer, (two weeks after I gave birth to Rocco) while at horse camp she fell off her horse and fractured her elbow. Naturally I’ve been SO hesitant to put her back on a horse!

While the Payne family and I were standing by the median chatting, RyAnne yells, “There’s a horse!!!” We all glance up and see a beautiful white horse coming at us!! Upon further inspection I notice that the horse DOESN’T have a rider and it’s coming straight at us at FULL SPEED!!! I was like, “Y’all I think we need to move!” Chad, my client, suggested that we get in front of their vehicle to shield ourselves! Thankfully we did because that beautiful horse galloped RIGHT by us! I snapped a few photographs of the horse running between my props that I had set up in the cherry tree orchard!!! Totally terrifying! I’m SO thankful that God was watching out for us that day! Had we started our sessions on time (we were running a little behind on the schedule) we would have been right in that horses path!! God is SO GOOD y’all!!! And just so you know there isn't a majestic white horse running around the horse park. . .he was captured and taken back to his rider!

Now, back to these amazing families!!!

Meet the Payne Family! They are our neighbors AND we love them!! Their sweet baby girl Bristol - oh man!! Isn't she not the CUTEST?!?!?! 

Next, I met with Dallas and her son Lathaniel! I have been photographing this sweet boy since he was just a teeny baby! He is now almost TWO and he is about to be a BIG brother to a baby SISTER!!! I'm so excited for Dallas and her family!! 

And because RyAnne just LOVES all the littles, she asked to hold Lathaniel. He jumped into her arms and started hugging and kissing her!!! It totally made her day! When I photographed Lathaniel’s newborn session almost two years ago, RyAnne was my assistant that day too! She always asks the momma’s if she can hold their baby’s after their session is over. Lathaniel must have remembered her because she held him when he was a itty baby too!!

The Goss family!! Another amazing family I have been photographing since Colton, there son, was just a few months old and their daughter, Blakey, was just a newborn when I photographed her too! I adore this family and their strength!! Through their trials and tribulations of losing their sweet baby girl Olivia at just 21 weeks gestation they have gained so much strength and become an inspiration and saving grace to MANY!! This year they were awarded the honor of being March of Dines ambassadors for the Walton, Rockdale and Newton area!!!

AND last but certainly not least, here is the Nolan Family! I remember the first time I met Tessa and TJ. It was during their fall mini session with me about three and a half years ago! She had her babies, Elsa and Wyatt, decked out in the cutest outfits!! I was in complete awe of their family of four!  

I'm so incredibly grateful for these families! Thank you for letting me document your family as they grow!!!