Olivia's PreK Graduation!


I can’t even believe I am typing this - PEACE OUT PREK!!! Insert tears!!! I didn’t lose it at her graduation. I almost lost it during her graduation breakfast at Chic-Fit-A while she ate her fave “circle things” (hash browns). It was when we got home that it really hit me, our baby is FIVE and going into kindergarten. This is my all time fave age!

She’s little enough to still need me.

Sassy enough to be a little independent.

Too little to know what it means to talk back to me - thank the Lord but I know it’s coming! lol

We just love this big, little girl!! It’s been an incredible year with the best teacher’s, Mrs. Lee-Trust and Mrs. Meadows. Ladies, I have so much respect for you, and ALL the teachers out there too! These two ladies have a special place in our hearts, as they both taught RyAnne during her PreK year too. These ladies have so much love to share that is spills over into our babes!

Ladies, thank you so, so much for teaching our sweet little babies!! Thank you for loving them, making learning fun and being incredible roll models! We love you bunches and hope you have the best summer ever!