Summer Jam | Church at the Grove VBS


What an AH-mazing adventure this weekend has been!!!  

Day One

We had almost 100 children show up with so much excitement! Buzz, Woody, Jessie and  Mr. Potato Head greeted all those sweet babies. They worshiped together, learned about David and then headed off to their next adventures!

Day Two

The fun continued on our second day together with more worship AND worm eating!! Yuck! Yes, Woody and Buzz ate worms!! Then Mrs. Katey was kind enough to make them a fabulous blended drink - it was the Happy Meal cocktail topped off with an apple pie!! Anything for the children, right?!?

They also learned more about David and how he may have been small but he defeated Goliath!! 

Day Three

We ended our journey together for service at Church at the Grove!  

It was such a blessing to get to serve with this incredible team of volunteers and see these babies smile and have the time of their life!

Before leaving service this morning, my friend told me that five children gave their life to the Lord during our time together. It brought tears to my eyes to hear this news. Five lives were changed for ever!!