Beth + Cory | Porterdale, Ga. Engagement Session

Beth + Cory | Porterdale, Ga. Engagement Session

 When Beth walked into that restaurant over four years ago, she had no idea she was having dinner with her future husband, but God has bigger and greater plans than any of us could ever dream up.  Sometimes the most beautiful things are unplanned and happen when you least expect it.  

Logan + Tyler | Social Circle Engagement Session

If Logan looks familiar, that because I’ve photographed her beautiful face before! Logan is best friends with Elizabeth and Dalton! Logan and Tyler were both in their wedding that I photographed just last year. I am so excited to get to work them on their big day too!

Logan and Tyler met through social media in November 2014. They became really good friends within just a month of chatting online and decided to meet in person on their first date. They were both young and very shy at that time so Logan brought a friend with her on their date to help break the ice and calm her nerves. Once Logan and Tyler met eyes for the first time, they both felt the sparks! That next month, they became a couple and started dating.

They both love being outdoors, going to bonfires and hanging out with friends. During those times they became so open with one another and always had such a blast. After about a year of dating, they moved in together. They continued to grow as a couple and fell more and more in love.

In March 2018, they went on a couples retreat with their friends, Andrew and his girlfriend, Bridgette. Little did Logan know that this trip was no ordinary trip. This trip was planned out to be the most spectacular trip ever! Tyler had a secret plan! While on a hike, they all decided to go to a waterfall. On the way they saw signs for a swinging bridge. Logan just had to see this swinging bridge! She begged her friends to turn back so they could all experience it together!

They all agreed to head back to the swimming bridge and at that time, Tyler knew this was were he was going to propose! Logan was just so excited to see the bridge that she was oblivious to the whole thing. Logan took off across the bridge first and Tyler followed behind her. Once they got to the center of the bridge, Tyler stopped Logan and asked her to be his wife!!

These two are SO adventurous and their proposal fits their personalities so perfectly! I cannot wait to photograph their big day at Starrsville Plantation this March!!

Congratulations Logan + Tyler!!!


Lacey & Matt | Mansfield, Ga. Engagement Session

Lacey & Matt | Mansfield, Ga. Engagement Session

Lacey & Matt’s Engagement/Just Married Session!

Yes, you read that correctly! Lacey and Matt have known each other since the beginning of their lives! Their families have been friends for generations. They grew up in a small farming town and that’s just how it is there - the roots are deep and friends become more like family!
Although Matt and Lacey’s story starts off very bitter sweet but was perfectly planned out by God! Lacey and Matt’s moms are best friends and both ended up expecting babies at that same time. Matt was born on February 13th, 1980. A couple of months later, Lacey’s mom and dad suffered a loss that too many are forced to face with the death of their baby, Judson on his due date.

Shelley + Drew | Prospect Farms Engagement Session


Oh my goodness you guys!! I am love!!! These two are just adorable and were so fun to photograph! They chose a beautiful farm in Lawrenceville, Ga. for their engagement session. Prospect Farms allows photographers to photograph in their gorgeous pastures of wild flowers and their blueberry fields. . .We just had SO much fun all over their farm! And y'all know I LOVE cows. . .they have sweet cows on their farm! And those girls wanted in on the photos too!

So, let me tell you a little about Shelley and Drew! They met while working out at the gym - which by the way seems like such a great place to meet someone!! The day they met, was also the day they had their first date! Drew asked her out and she was just smitten from the get go! Their date was amazing and Shelley knew he was a special guy!

After dating for some time and falling in love, Drew was ready to pop the question. He thought of it all too!! Shelley and her mom go for regular mani and pedi's so it wasn't strange at all that her mom called and asked Shelley to join her at the nail salon before the weekend. Shelley and Drew had a fun weekend planned in Helen, Ga.

While they were on a romantic hike by the river, Drew stopped as Shelley took a few steps ahead of him on the trail. He then called her name. When she turned around he was on one knee asking Shelley to be his wife!!! To memorialize this amazing moment, they carved their names in a tree - so dang sweet!!!

The surprises didn't stop there! They drove back to Shelley's mom's house to celebrate. When she walked into the house she found their entire family there to congratulate the newly engaged couple! As if this wasn't enough, Drew also flew in her brother and sister-in-law! As they peeked around the corner to surprise Shelley, she burst into tears of joy!

It's such a small world y'all! Shelley heard about me from a friend but later realized I photographed her cousin, Haley's wedding! Shelley, I'm so happy to be your wedding photographer! I can't wait until November 2018!


Erin and Josh | Arabia Mountain Engagement Session


Josh and Erin go way back to almost ten years ago! They met while working a summer camp program. Erin was a part of the gymnastics classes and Josh was hired on as a lifeguard. They didn’t really hit it off right away! Erin saw Josh as the cool, motorcycle riding guy that sat in the back of the class! Josh saw Erin as a front row of the class kinda girl with her ducks in a row and maybe he thought she was a little bossy too! Their first impressions of one another weren’t the best but after hanging out together more and more through work they both realized first impressions aren’t everything!

Erin mentioned one day to Josh that she really wanted a chocolate cake like the one on Matilda the movie. He took note and guess what?! He actually baked her a chocolate cake with sprinkles!! How sweet and thoughtful was that?! And Erin was very taken by his surprise!

Once summer camp came to an end, it was time for Erin to head back to school for classes at The University of West Georgia in Carrolton, Ga. One day while at school Erin was hit with a SEVEN hour physics lab followed by a physics lecture and a huge report that was due the next day! It was an “off” day for her and Josh was right there for her! When he found out she was having such a crudy day, he hopped on his motorcycle and made the one and a half hour drive from Conyers to Carrollton to make sure he could be there to lift her spirits and help her finish that report!! That’s about the time Erin realized Josh was a very special guy!!

One very frigid evening, Erin and Josh were walking around Ol’Town Conyers enjoying the twinkle lights in the botanical garden, watching the ice skaters battle to stay upright, dinner at one of their fave places, drinks at a local bar and then ending their walk with coffee and hot chocolate. When Erin couldn’t feel her hands any more they decided to make their way home. They were in separate cars and Josh ended up getting home before Erin. When she walked into their home she found Josh and their dog, Diesel right beside him, standing in the living room. As Erin approached him, Josh dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him!!! She was in complete shock and instantly said YES!!! What a beautiful way to end a perfect night!!! 

We celebrated their love during their engagement session at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Ga. this past Sunday. What a beautiful evening it was!! It was my first time photographing at the mountain and I think we captured some serious magic between these two! 

I can’t wait until your wedding day!!