The Holy Mother-preneur of the Week | Kari Willis


I’m so pumped to introduce our next Holy Mother-prenuer (HMP) of the week, Kari Willis! Kari and I met each other on Instagram! We would chat back and forth. One day, out of the blue, I asked her if she would like to meet up for coffee one morning. We set it up for a Friday morning AND I didn’t show up! Y’all I totally stood her up! I felt absolutely horrible! Thankfully she was kind enough to reschedule and meet me that next morning. I realized how much we had in common. And just like with Kari, I believe God just knows when you need a person in your life!

Kari is the momma to two sweet babes, Anslee who is 11 and Cooper age 9. She has two bonus babes, Brooke 17 and Hanna 16! She works two jobs. Kari is the manager at a funeral home in Covington and she runs a side hustle as a wellness coach with Beachbody. While her and I were sitting doing her interview, I could see and feel her passion for what she does! She LOVES teaching other mothers that they can make their fitness goats a reality no matter how busy of a momma you are!


HMP: What drew you to start up with Beach Body?
Kari: The convince of working the program into my life and my schedule I work a full time job and I’m a mom. I love the flexibility to do the workouts on my time and whenever, wherever I have internet! It was never my intention to become a wellness coach. I needed something MORE and something that fit my life. I loved the group of women who needed MORE too! I don’t really make much at this time at my little side gig but what I do get from it is knowing that I am helping enrich another women’s life!
Being a mother to a preteen girl, I want to be an example and show her a healthy lifestyle. There is just so much pressure to look good but for all the wrong reasons. I know it all starts with me being a strong women and putting my insecurities behind me. I want to create a healthy lifestyle and mindset for my children. I need to be the one to set that healthy example.

HMP: Where do you find your support system?
Kari: In like minded women who also want to put their health and wellness a priority. Ladies that I’ve met on this wellness journey, they hold me accountable and push me. I get to do the same for them! It’s so important who you surround yourself with. I know there are a lot of people in my life that just don’t get what I’m doing! That’s okay because I have this amazing support system!

HMP: What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Kari: I love watching my daughter, Anslee, do her thing on the softball field! That’s where we currently spend most of our time! I love being with my family and my sweet golden doodles. We are all about Georgia Football and just recently went to the game! However, my husband is an Alabama fan. We live in a walking community where there are some phenomenal restaurants and shopping. I love walking to town for the shopping and to grab a bite to eat! My husband, Scott and I enjoy kayaking!!

Three Fun Facts about Kari:
1. I LOVE all things college football. I love being in Athens on game day, but if not Athens, I love gathering with friends, serving up good tailgating snacks and yelling at the TV! YES, I can get loud! lol GO DAWGS!!
2. I love things to be in order. I especially love a plane. Like. . .almost to a fault. It’s sometimes hard for me to adjust when somehting unplanned happens, but I’m learning to roll with it!
3. Living so close to town allows us to walk to fun activiiteis downtown, dinner, shopping, festivals, etc. hen I can let the pups tag along - EVEN BETTER! Our two golden doodles, Joy and Holli, are always sure to bring a smile to those we meet!


And now that we know Kari
a little better, let’s learn more about our GIVEAWAY!!!


As you know, Kari works along side Beach Body as a wellness coach. BeachBody offers an incredible line of products to aid in a healthy lifestyle! Kari is givingaway a variety pack of Shakeology! Shakeology is packed with nutrients and is considered a superfood shake that offers a defense! In it you will find probiotics, prebiotic proteins, antioxidants and so much more! It helps support digestion, curves cravings and boosts your energy levels. It has SEVENTY super foods and is overall a very clean shake!


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