Cake Smash Session

Catherine's Cake Smash! | Social Circle, Ga.

Catherine's Cake Smash! | Social Circle, Ga.

Happy birthday Catherine!

Well, her birthday is really tomorrow BUT we (the internet) are gonna celebrate her today! I have spent lots of time photographing this incredible family and the one thing that I just LOVE about them are their SMILES! Plus, (okay there is really more than one thing) their babes are the most joyous children! They give me the sweetest smiles and are just so mannerly too!

Rocco's ONE | Cake Smash Session


My sweet heart! I'm not even going to pretend like this was an easy session!!!! Goodness!!! He's EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!! But he's so dang cute!!!

Thankfully my friend, Arlissa who is also a photographer, was here to help me out, keep him from crawling too far off the back drop and keep him from falling out of the chair! haha! 

As you may have already read in my last blog post, I shared Rocco's birth story! You can read that here. WHAT an incredible day that was! God blessed me with the strength to make it through his birth without pain medication!! Such an answered prayer!!

This boy has really taught me so much this year! He's most certainly been the BIGGEST challenge of my ENTIRE LIFE!! He's so different from his sisters. His personality isn't like theirs and that has always worried me and kept me from feeling like I have a bond with him. The past several months have gotten much easier. My PPD isn't taking over my every thought any more - HUGE praise for that!! He is on a really good sleeping and eating schedule and we have really learned what makes him happy AND what doesn't! lol

He amazes me by how much he can eat! Is it just a boy thing or what??? My girls were NEVER as hungry as he is! EVER! He has taken many steps, crawls faster than I can walk, LOVES his sisters beyond measure and completely lights up when they talk to him or love on him, loves to eat, shy smiles when strangers talk to him, waves at our goats, says "bye bye", "Momma", "Dada", can sign for "more", he has FIVE teeth (four on top and three on bottom), loves avocados, and when he smiles, no matter how crazy he has been that day, it melts my heart EVERY. TIME!

Happy birthday week Rocco Koi! We love you so much!


Shelby's Cake Smash | Social Circle, Ga.

Happy, Happy ONE year of life Shelby! Those sweet little teeth, dimpled baby hands and THAT smile!!! Oh! Her smile, just adorable! It's so hard to believe this cutie pie is already one! I ran into her and her momma, Sarah, at the grocery store one day and was in shock at how big Miss Shelby was. That's when it hit me that she was almost one! Sarah and I shared a teary eyed "mommy" moment in the dag um' grocery store - of all the places to lose it! lol During Shelby's Cake Smash session, she LOVED putting her little toes in the icing. lol She ate some of it but for the most part her feet did all the smashing!

Happy One Year beautiful!

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