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Lindsey + Kevin | Historic Downtown Monroe, Ga Wedding

Lindsey + Kevin's wedding day was so spectacular! We started our day photographing Lindsey + her ladies getting ready at the Sparrow Hill Inn. Miriam, my assistant photographer and I, were ready to back a U-Haul up to the front door and start loading it up with the furnishing in this place! lol It's so beautifully decorated and it made one stunning backdrop for Lindsey. Here Lindsey wrote her vows and labeled them "Important!" Once Lindsey was dressed in her gown, she walked down the staircase to the front room where her grandma was sitting. I'm so thankful I was right behind her as she turned the corner. Her grandma burst into tears when she saw her. It was so, so sweet! Once everyone was ready, we headed over to the Historic Monroe Courthouse to photograph Lindsey and her bridesmaids. The ladies then went to the "holding" area at The Sunroom at the Wayfarer Hotel. Lindsey and her dad shared a first look here.

Lindsey's dad drove her to the front of the courthouse and walked her down the isle. Kevin took a deep breath when he saw her. . .she was absolutely stunning! They walked up the steps and read their vows to one another.

I loved walking around downtown Monroe with Lindsey + Kevin photographing them in a town where I work and enjoy. We went down some of the ally ways where the light was perfection. They are such a sweet couple and their laughter and love shines through.

The Cotton Warehouse was our very last stop for their reception. Lindsey + Kevin, followed by their bridal party, enjoyed a private meal before being announced to their guests. Shortly after the couple was announced for the very first time as Mr. + Mrs. Prouty the dancing began! It was quite a day and I can say I got lots of steps on my Fitbit! lol Congratulations Lindsey + Kevin!!!

Venues: The Sparrow Hill Inn, Monroe Historic Courthouse, The Sunroom at the Wayfarer Hotel, The Cotton Warehouse Florals: JL Designs Coordinator: Lindsey Pritchett Cake + Cupcakes: Bruce's Sweet Sensations Hair + Makeup: Avalon Hair Salon Catering: Beyond Details

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