Madison Ga Engagement Photographers

Lacey + Matt | Lazy Acres Wedding Day Mansfield, Ga.


There are so many wonderful things about this day, about this couple, about their love story. I want to share a little back story before I tell you more about them. . . I ended up getting really sick the day before THEIR big day. I cried and was so upset that this happened right before their wedding day. I thought I had the flu. They are the sweetest people and have amazing family’s. I was terrified I would be too sick the day of their wedding and would completely let them down due to my lack of energy. So, what did I do? I prayed! And I also, asked for others to pray for me.

I woke up that next morning and, while I didn’t feel 100%, I did feel somewhat better. As we arrived at the James Madison Inn to begin photographing Lacey, it’s like a wave of comfort and energy came over me. All my senses started perking up, it was GO TIME! I walked in to Lacey’s suite to see her there, looking completely flawless in her satin white robe, hair pinned back and stunning makeup! She greeted me with her big Lacey smile and a warm hug! I was so thrilled to see her and serve them on this very special day!

Lacey and Matt have a very beautiful love story that dates back before they were even born. Lacey and Matt’s mothers are best friends. They raised their babies together, they laughed together, they suffered loss together and they prayed together. Through the thick and thin of life they have overcome so much and raised the sweetest people!

These two have such a special bond that most people don’t get to have with their spouses. . .they grew up together and now they get to grow old together. Isn’t it amazing how God’s plan is always bigger and better than anything we could ever dream up?

I am so happy for this couple! Please give them a huge congratulations!


Florals: JL Designs
Cake: The Posh Cakery
Catering: Blondies
Rentals: Covington Rental

Logan + Tyler | Social Circle Engagement Session

If Logan looks familiar, that because I’ve photographed her beautiful face before! Logan is best friends with Elizabeth and Dalton! Logan and Tyler were both in their wedding that I photographed just last year. I am so excited to get to work them on their big day too!

Logan and Tyler met through social media in November 2014. They became really good friends within just a month of chatting online and decided to meet in person on their first date. They were both young and very shy at that time so Logan brought a friend with her on their date to help break the ice and calm her nerves. Once Logan and Tyler met eyes for the first time, they both felt the sparks! That next month, they became a couple and started dating.

They both love being outdoors, going to bonfires and hanging out with friends. During those times they became so open with one another and always had such a blast. After about a year of dating, they moved in together. They continued to grow as a couple and fell more and more in love.

In March 2018, they went on a couples retreat with their friends, Andrew and his girlfriend, Bridgette. Little did Logan know that this trip was no ordinary trip. This trip was planned out to be the most spectacular trip ever! Tyler had a secret plan! While on a hike, they all decided to go to a waterfall. On the way they saw signs for a swinging bridge. Logan just had to see this swinging bridge! She begged her friends to turn back so they could all experience it together!

They all agreed to head back to the swimming bridge and at that time, Tyler knew this was were he was going to propose! Logan was just so excited to see the bridge that she was oblivious to the whole thing. Logan took off across the bridge first and Tyler followed behind her. Once they got to the center of the bridge, Tyler stopped Logan and asked her to be his wife!!

These two are SO adventurous and their proposal fits their personalities so perfectly! I cannot wait to photograph their big day at Starrsville Plantation this March!!

Congratulations Logan + Tyler!!!


Rachel + Jason's Madison, Georgia Engagement Session

When Rachel graduated from UGA in 2011, she applied for a job in Pike County. Well, really she applied to ALL jobs available, but the one in Pike was the one that worked out. So, she went looking for a house and ended up in Thomaston. She knew absolutely no one, but quickly made a friend at the gym. This new friend turned out to be the very person that introduced Rachel to her love! This friend invited Rachel to a party to watch a UGA football game...and that's where Jason and Rachel met. Jason was in the process of moving to Thomasville from St. Louis and had stopped by Thomaston. This is where his parent's lived and since it was on the way he came to the party too. It took Jason about a month to ask Rachel out. On their first date they watched UGA play LSU for the SEC Championship in the Dome. UGA lost, but they still had a blast! The first 2 years they dated were long distance. Jason was in Thomasville and Rachel was in Thomaston. They finally ended up in Madison after his office opened a branch in North Georgia and Rachel accepted a job at Loganville High School.

Right after Rachel got the job in Loganville in 2014, she found out she had a benign brain tumor and would have to have surgery in October to remove it. Jason was GREAT through the whole process. He even came to her parents house every day after work to hang out with her while she recovered and would eat dinner with her and her family before he headed back to Athens each night. This was about the time Jason had not only won over Rachel's heart but her parents too!

Jason proposed to Rachel the week after Valentine's Day. Jason had the ring since November, but all the big holidays, including Rachel's birthday, were just too cliche. While Rachel was napping on the couch at their house Jason was waiting. He couldn't wait any longer, he woke her up and proposed. He said he thought that was the only way he would have been able to surprise her, which was probably true!

Rachel + Jason have the most adorable farm house. This is where we got their engagement session started. When we were headed to the back yard she mentioned they have a baby pop belly pig named Rosie and goats, one of them named Billy! I about died y'all!!! I love, love, love farm animals. Rachel is the agricultural teacher and FFA advisor at Loganville High School and Jason is an agricultural banker. They both share a love for the good ol' country life.


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