Madison Ga Wedding Vendors

Lacey + Matt | Lazy Acres Wedding Day Mansfield, Ga.


There are so many wonderful things about this day, about this couple, about their love story. I want to share a little back story before I tell you more about them. . . I ended up getting really sick the day before THEIR big day. I cried and was so upset that this happened right before their wedding day. I thought I had the flu. They are the sweetest people and have amazing family’s. I was terrified I would be too sick the day of their wedding and would completely let them down due to my lack of energy. So, what did I do? I prayed! And I also, asked for others to pray for me.

I woke up that next morning and, while I didn’t feel 100%, I did feel somewhat better. As we arrived at the James Madison Inn to begin photographing Lacey, it’s like a wave of comfort and energy came over me. All my senses started perking up, it was GO TIME! I walked in to Lacey’s suite to see her there, looking completely flawless in her satin white robe, hair pinned back and stunning makeup! She greeted me with her big Lacey smile and a warm hug! I was so thrilled to see her and serve them on this very special day!

Lacey and Matt have a very beautiful love story that dates back before they were even born. Lacey and Matt’s mothers are best friends. They raised their babies together, they laughed together, they suffered loss together and they prayed together. Through the thick and thin of life they have overcome so much and raised the sweetest people!

These two have such a special bond that most people don’t get to have with their spouses. . .they grew up together and now they get to grow old together. Isn’t it amazing how God’s plan is always bigger and better than anything we could ever dream up?

I am so happy for this couple! Please give them a huge congratulations!


Florals: JL Designs
Cake: The Posh Cakery
Catering: Blondies
Rentals: Covington Rental

Elizabeth & Dalton | Indian Springs Wedding

Elizabeth & Dalton | Indian Springs Wedding

Elizabeth & Dalton’s Indian Springs State Park Wedding

It was a perfect fall day! The leaves had just started turning their beautiful fiery colors and the sun was shining for us! Elizabeth and Dalton were nervous but so excited to see each other for their first look! You could just see all the anxiety leave them both once they hugged one another for the first time on their big day.

Tara and Tommy | A Buckhead, Georgia Wedding


This past Saturday, I photographed my first wedding of 2018! I've been so nervous about it. Not that I didn't think I would be able to photograph their beautiful wedding well but just nervous because it's been almost ten months since I've photographed a wedding!!! After taking a super long extended maternity leave, I'm SOOOO thankful to be back in action and serving my couples again!! Y'all it feels so good and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with that extra time I got to spend with my family BUT being a wedding photographer is my JAM!!

So, let me tell you about this fabulous first wedding of twenty-eighteen! Tara and Tommy go WAAAAY back! You can read their love store here! Their wedding day was incredibly emotional. . .not only for them BUT this girl was shedding tears too! Tara and Tommy put so much thought into every moment of their special day! They chose to get married on an over 300 acre farm in the middle of nowhere. Originally they didn't want to see each other before their ceremony but due to a late ceremony time we were worried it would be dark before we could photograph their sunset photographs as husband and wife. I'm SO glad they decided on a first look!!! It was my favorite part of their day! 

After Tara's momma got her all buttoned in her gown, Tommy sent a note in with one of their little girl's. It was the funniest sweetest note that had us all laughing AND crying too!

We then headed outside towards the treelined drive for Tara and Tommy's first look! Oh you guys!!! It was so so sweet! You can just SEE how much these two love each other!!

As if the tree-lined drive wasn’t gorgeous enough, after their first look we had plenty of time to drive around the 300 acre farm for several other beautiful locations!

Tara and Tommy have two little girls (Remi is their daughter together and Bella is Tara's daughter) and they are the cutest and sweetest! Tommy loves those girls with ALL his heart!

Tara and Tommy found a pasture near one of the lakes for their ceremony site. And that’s where they became husband and wife!

Tara's cousin, Ian, is the guitarist and band manager for the band, Mariah Shea and the Story. Not only did Ian become ordained and marry Tara and Tommy but their band also played during their reception! They were SO good!! They sang a lot of songs that have meaning in my life so naturally I was emotional seeing Tara, Tommy and their family enjoy these songs as well! It's amazing how we can hold so much memory in a song!

Tommy wanted Bella (Tara's daughter) to know that she was very much a part his life! They shared their own ring ceremony and Bella was so surprised!

Congratulations Tara + Tommy!


Vendor List:
Venue: Private Farm in Buckhead, Georgia
Florals: Conyers Flower Shop, Jennifer Gaddy
Band: Mariah Shea and the Story
Cake: Le Chic Confections

Rachel + Jason | Madison, Ga. Wedding

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we met Rachel + Jason in Madison at the Madison Baptist Church for a spectacular day! When we arrived, Miriam and I fell in love with the gorgeous garland that Rachel and her friends made of magnolia leaves and other evergreens that decorated the outside and inside of the church. It added a perfect festive look! Rachel + Jason's first look was so sweet. When Jason turned around to see his bride in her gorgeous gown, the wind was breezing through her veil and she was smiling from ear to ear. During their ceremony they had an event painter, Elaine Oye Burge, that captured them standing at the alter so colorfully!

Their reception was a full on party! The live band, City Heat Band, kept it going all night long! Their guests danced the night away in celebration of Rachel + Jason's big day.

Congratulations Rachel + Jason!!! I had so much fun with you and your friends and family.

Vendors: Venues: Ceremony, Madison Baptist Church, Reception: The Hall at The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center Day of Coordinator: Margaret Ligon Hair Artist: On Cloud 9, Tori Atkins Makeup Artist: Pure Bliss Spa & Shop, Diana + Julie Florals: Designs by Ginny, Ginny Smith Cake: Cake Design by Debra, Debra Adams Catering: Greg Harris Rentals: Lake Oconee Rental Bride's + Bridesmaid's Dresses: Formally Yours Tux Rentals: Joseph A Bank Groom's Bow Tie: Wadmalaw Wild Ties Event Painter: Elaine Oye Burge Live Entertainment: City Heat Band

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