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Lacey + Matt | Lazy Acres Wedding Day Mansfield, Ga.


There are so many wonderful things about this day, about this couple, about their love story. I want to share a little back story before I tell you more about them. . . I ended up getting really sick the day before THEIR big day. I cried and was so upset that this happened right before their wedding day. I thought I had the flu. They are the sweetest people and have amazing family’s. I was terrified I would be too sick the day of their wedding and would completely let them down due to my lack of energy. So, what did I do? I prayed! And I also, asked for others to pray for me.

I woke up that next morning and, while I didn’t feel 100%, I did feel somewhat better. As we arrived at the James Madison Inn to begin photographing Lacey, it’s like a wave of comfort and energy came over me. All my senses started perking up, it was GO TIME! I walked in to Lacey’s suite to see her there, looking completely flawless in her satin white robe, hair pinned back and stunning makeup! She greeted me with her big Lacey smile and a warm hug! I was so thrilled to see her and serve them on this very special day!

Lacey and Matt have a very beautiful love story that dates back before they were even born. Lacey and Matt’s mothers are best friends. They raised their babies together, they laughed together, they suffered loss together and they prayed together. Through the thick and thin of life they have overcome so much and raised the sweetest people!

These two have such a special bond that most people don’t get to have with their spouses. . .they grew up together and now they get to grow old together. Isn’t it amazing how God’s plan is always bigger and better than anything we could ever dream up?

I am so happy for this couple! Please give them a huge congratulations!


Florals: JL Designs
Cake: The Posh Cakery
Catering: Blondies
Rentals: Covington Rental

Lacey & Matt | Mansfield, Ga. Engagement Session

Lacey & Matt | Mansfield, Ga. Engagement Session

Lacey & Matt’s Engagement/Just Married Session!

Yes, you read that correctly! Lacey and Matt have known each other since the beginning of their lives! Their families have been friends for generations. They grew up in a small farming town and that’s just how it is there - the roots are deep and friends become more like family!
Although Matt and Lacey’s story starts off very bitter sweet but was perfectly planned out by God! Lacey and Matt’s moms are best friends and both ended up expecting babies at that same time. Matt was born on February 13th, 1980. A couple of months later, Lacey’s mom and dad suffered a loss that too many are forced to face with the death of their baby, Judson on his due date.

Winn + David | Burge Plantation, Mansfield, Ga Wedding

Pumpkins, puppies and LOTS of happiness! What a day it was for Winn + David! When we first arrived at Burge Plantation we were greeted with beautiful pumpkins - EVERY WHERE! It was so gorgeous and festive! Winn's dad grew them at their family farm in Culloden, Ga. where Winn grew up. As we made our way into the main house I could hear Winn's infectious laugh and that lead me straight to our gorgeous bride. Winn's dress is one of a kind! She designed her beautiful gown and it looked so grand on her. Her cathedral length veil + blue heals finished her look perfectly. I remember when it was time for David + Winn's first look, seeing her walking to him down the back staircase into his arms as the wind gentle blew her veil around them. I pretty much lost it with the tears. It was so beautiful!

During their ceremony, their sweet pups, Riley + Gunny made their way down the isle greeting guests with sniffs. Winn's laugh was in the air and the two became husband and wife. As they walked up the isle their guests cheered and threw bird seed in celebration!

Winn drifted across the dance floor during her and David's romantic first dance. When it came to her and her daddy's first dance, they got a little funky with it! So funky that Winn ended up on the floor! Thankfully it was a gentle fall and her daddy was right their to pick her back up and hug her.

Their reception was full of celebration with dancing and an awesome band that kept the crowd going all night long. I couldn't help but dance a little while photographing! Congratulations Winn + David!!!

Vendors: Venue: Burge Plantaion, Mansfield, Ga. Florals: Kaci's Kreations, Covington, Ga. Catering: Burge Plantation, Mansfield, Ga. Dress: Sweet Elegance Bridal in Decature, Ga., Dress Designer: Essense of Australia Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridals by Lori, Atlanta, Ga. Band: Drive Time Band, Atlanta, Ga. Invitation: Vera Wang Design printed by Charles Willis Hair + Makeup Artist: Sunny Dubica Pumpkins: Home grown from Winn's family farm, Pierson Farm in Culloden, Ga.

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