Newborn Ga Wedding Photographers

Jade + Jamie | Beautiful Beginnings Farm Wedding, Newborn, Ga

I remember when I met Jade for the first time, during her wedding consult, she was SO excited to marry Jamie! Her eyes were filled joy and her heart was full of love for him. It was exciting for me to hear her talk about how they met and fell in love. Their day finally came. We met them at Beautiful Beginnings Farm in Newborn, Georgia down a very long country road. The farm was gorgeous! Jade had it decorated with sunflowers and hints of royal blue.Jade and Jamie chose to see each other before their ceremony for a first look. They laughed and starred at one another. Jade looked stunning in her mermaid fitted gown and Jamie took note of this. Jade shared an emotional first look with her daddy. He was brought to tears when he saw her. Whether it was from nerves or just plain silliness, Jamie + Jade made each other, and their guests, laugh! These two are so kind and loving and so much fun to be around!  I'm so happy for you Jade + Jamie! Congratulations!!!

Vendors: Venue: Beautiful Beginnings Farm, Newborn, Ga, Angela Hawkins Florals: Lovin Florist Dress: David's Bridal DJ: Just4Fun Radio, Scottie Spence Makeup: Renee Taylor Hair: Ginger Hilty of Truvi's Hair Barn Catering: Bradley's Bar-B-Que, Covington, Ga Cakes + Cupcakes: Vividly Delicious Cakes, Valerie Patrick

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