Social Circle Ga Wedding Photographers

Lauren + Brendon | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Session


I was supposed to meet Lauren and Brendon at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Once I drove up to the park I noticed it was mass chaos! The park was under construction for Music Midtown the following weekend. There was no way the park was an option. Last minute plan B - The Atlanta Botanical Gardens! It was the beyond beautiful.

While, we were amongst tourists and not one but TWO weddings happening that evening, you would never know from their photographs! We found all the gorgeous nooks of the gardens and took our time exploring.

Lauren and Brendon first laid eyes on one another about a month before they started dating. While at the Mella Hotel, they made eye contact. However, they lost each other in the sea of people attending the event. One month later Lauren was out with friends, enjoying the night! Guess who showed up and greeted her?! Brendon! They danced the night away and ended the night at a friend’s roof top party, staring off into the Atlanta skyline.

Here we are over six years later. Lauren and Brendon will be getting married at her family’s estate for an October wedding! I know it will be another magical night!

KayLeigh and Michael | Arabia Mountain Engagement Session


I am so excited for this couple!! I met KayLeigh through her grandmother, Pamela. Pamela and I have been friends for about eight years or so and I just love her! When Pamela would talk about her granddaughter, I knew that I would love her too! KayLeigh arrived at my office for her consultation after her and Michael got engaged and she was just beaming!! I got to meet Michael for their engagement session just a few weeks ago and he is a wonderful person and, together, they are just amazing!

KayLeigh and Michael went to middle and high school together but they never knew each other existed until years later. KayLeigh’s best friend, Samantha, was also Michael’s best friend in high school. Out of the blue, Samantha said to KayLeigh, “You know who you would be good with?" Michael Baker!” Kayleigh immediately went to social media and looked him up. She realized they were already Facebook friends. She never reached out to him after looking him up but she did think he was SUPER handsome!

Several months later, she was scrolling through social media and his picture popped up, so she gave it a little “thumbs up” and went on about her day. About two months later HE reached out to her AND asked her on a date!! KayLeigh was filled with joy that he had asked her on a date.

Their first date was such a huge hit, they went to Tin Lizzie’s and became best friends instantly and have been inseparable ever since. 

A few months before Michael proposed, he went to KayLeigh’s grandparents house and asked for her Poppie’s blessing. He knew he couldn’t tell her mom OR her grandmother because they aren’t the best at keeping secrets from KayLeigh. They are just so close!

KayLeigh and Michael had a weekend getaway planned for Jekyll Island in Georgia. On May 25th he wanted to go grab dinner at this place next to their hotel. KayLeigh thought that was odd because she didn’t realize there was anything next to their hotel. But, of course she agreed. Instead of walking on the sidewalk to go the restaurant, Michael asked if she wanted to walk on the beach to get to it which was an immediate YES from her. As they were walking down the beach, KayLeigh saw a man down on one knee and a woman standing up next to him. Her immediate reaction was “Oh my goodness, how sweet! I think he is proposing”. She later found out that this was the guy who Michael had hired to take pictures of their engagement and the woman was his assistant. At last, Michael was able to get KayLeigh in front of him and when she turned around to see why he stopped walking, he was down on one knee asking her to marry him!!!

PURE shock ran through her! While she knew with everything inside of her that she would marry this man, she had NO clue that he would be asking her to be his wife that weekend. She shed so many happy tears that day. 

KayLeigh mentioned in an email to me, “I fell in love with Michael extremely fast & it truly surprised me how strong my feelings were for him. He has showed to be the most caring, loving, funniest, most adorable human being I’ve ever met. While our story brought us together on social media, there is no doubt in my mind that God would have drawn us together another way if social media didn’t work. God knew exactly who my soulmate and partner would be the moment he made me and I’m so glad that Michael was that person.”

And that is so true! God has created us and our partners WAY before we knew how to talk! Isn’t that so beautiful?! To know that when we walk in faith and trust our Savior, He will always be there to provide our hearts desires!

KayLeigh and Michael, Congratulations!! I cannot wait to see you two say “I Do”!!


Logan + Tyler | Social Circle Engagement Session

If Logan looks familiar, that because I’ve photographed her beautiful face before! Logan is best friends with Elizabeth and Dalton! Logan and Tyler were both in their wedding that I photographed just last year. I am so excited to get to work them on their big day too!

Logan and Tyler met through social media in November 2014. They became really good friends within just a month of chatting online and decided to meet in person on their first date. They were both young and very shy at that time so Logan brought a friend with her on their date to help break the ice and calm her nerves. Once Logan and Tyler met eyes for the first time, they both felt the sparks! That next month, they became a couple and started dating.

They both love being outdoors, going to bonfires and hanging out with friends. During those times they became so open with one another and always had such a blast. After about a year of dating, they moved in together. They continued to grow as a couple and fell more and more in love.

In March 2018, they went on a couples retreat with their friends, Andrew and his girlfriend, Bridgette. Little did Logan know that this trip was no ordinary trip. This trip was planned out to be the most spectacular trip ever! Tyler had a secret plan! While on a hike, they all decided to go to a waterfall. On the way they saw signs for a swinging bridge. Logan just had to see this swinging bridge! She begged her friends to turn back so they could all experience it together!

They all agreed to head back to the swimming bridge and at that time, Tyler knew this was were he was going to propose! Logan was just so excited to see the bridge that she was oblivious to the whole thing. Logan took off across the bridge first and Tyler followed behind her. Once they got to the center of the bridge, Tyler stopped Logan and asked her to be his wife!!

These two are SO adventurous and their proposal fits their personalities so perfectly! I cannot wait to photograph their big day at Starrsville Plantation this March!!

Congratulations Logan + Tyler!!!


Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Beach Florida Family Vacation

Last week we took off to Santa Rosa Island located in Pensacola, FL for our last beach vacation of the year <— that makes me so sad! I live (and work really hard) for beach trips! It’s where I feel relaxed. My mind is (ALMOST) completely off work and focused on my sweet family. I am able to free my mind, let my worries fade away. I always feel better! The sun, sand and waves just have a way with me. The water was beautiful and seemed unaffected by Hurricane Matthew. We had blue skies and lots of sun every single day. And every single day, we hung out at the beach until the sun went down. It was glorious! One evening we visited Fort Pickens, which is surrounded by white powdery sand and ocean, and we watched the sun set. The orange hues mixed with the blue skies were stunning. Like, give you cold chills and have you thanking God for sunsets, beautiful!!!


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