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Lauren + Brendon | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Session


I was supposed to meet Lauren and Brendon at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Once I drove up to the park I noticed it was mass chaos! The park was under construction for Music Midtown the following weekend. There was no way the park was an option. Last minute plan B - The Atlanta Botanical Gardens! It was the beyond beautiful.

While, we were amongst tourists and not one but TWO weddings happening that evening, you would never know from their photographs! We found all the gorgeous nooks of the gardens and took our time exploring.

Lauren and Brendon first laid eyes on one another about a month before they started dating. While at the Mella Hotel, they made eye contact. However, they lost each other in the sea of people attending the event. One month later Lauren was out with friends, enjoying the night! Guess who showed up and greeted her?! Brendon! They danced the night away and ended the night at a friend’s roof top party, staring off into the Atlanta skyline.

Here we are over six years later. Lauren and Brendon will be getting married at her family’s estate for an October wedding! I know it will be another magical night!

Kaylyn + Brett | Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Ga. Engagement Session

Kaylyn + Brett met through one of Brett's friends from his high school. His friend attended college at Georgia State, where Kaylyn went to college, and they worked at the same college newspaper. The kicker - Brett's friend doesn't know that they met through her. She tweeted out on Twitter one day that her sweet friend, Brett, is single and she couldn't understand why. Kaylyn being curious, she clicked on his Twitter profile. One message lead to another and before they knew it they were on date ice skating in Centennial Park. To this day Brett's friend still does not know how important that tweet was, and how it brought them together. The night before Brett messaged Kaylyn back, Kaylyn was chatting with her mother about the characteristics she wanted in a guy that would be her perfect match. He was handsome, funny, sarcastic, smart, adventurous, open-minded. . .This was Brett! Clearly not a coincidence that they met.

Kaylyn + Brett still laugh about how they met on a social media site, and when their friends feel silly for using social media sites to date they fully support them. ;)

While on their first date Brett picked up Kaylyn and they headed to Atlanta. She remembers hearing him speak for the first time and she said to him, "Oh my goodness, you are southern!" She thought he was the cutest, southern gentleman she had ever met.

Kaylyn was living in Decatur while Brett lived in Pike County. Their commute was about an hour long but after their first date, they saw each other every weekend. Even if it was for just a couple of hours they always would make the time for each other.

Kaylyn's father was very sick. She wanted Brett to meet him. Although it was towards the end of her father's life when him and Brett met, it was very important to Brett to be able ask her father for his daughter's hand in marriage. A week before he passed Brett had the conversation with him and Kaylyn knew about it. Her heart wanted to explode! She felt that she couldn't have asked for a better man to come into her life when Brett did.

One year later, and one puppy later, Brett completely surprised Kaylyn when he got down on one knee. She knew the proposal was coming because it was something they spoke about often. With this, Brett was nervous that he wasn't going to be able to surprise her. He was SO wrong! Kaylyn was speechless! ;) It was so perfect. Brett had Kaylyn's mom and Godmother there, hiding in the bushes and surprised her with flowers, too.

Kaylyn + Brett now live in the coziest home in McDonough with their two precious fur babies, who they consider their children. ;) They are so excited to marry each other next spring at The Mill at Yellow River.

Congratulations Kaylyn + Brett!


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