baby number three

My baby boy's room annnnnd due dates are no fun. . .

Our baby boy, Rocco, should be here before the end of this month and he has consistently measured two weeks ahead for months. During our last ultrasound we were told he is on track to be a ten pounder - just like Olivia. Eek. Needless to say, I left that ultrasound appointment feeling a little bummed. I was hopeful he wouldn’t be THAT big. Especially since I had been working out, eating so well and I haven’t gained near what I did when I was pregnant with Olivia. Apparently, if you have big babies, you just have big babies! lol He’s not here yet SO maybe I gotta chance of having a small-er baby?! We shall see! The past two weeks have been the most challenging. I keep having these serious pains that take my breath away and make me feel like I am going to be sick. I keep thinking that all these things I am feeling are a sign that he is about to be here and then I wake up annnnnd. . .nothing. lol Due dates are just an estimate based on too many different factors. I have got to get it out of my head and carry on. Literally! Carry him on! I think with him measuring two weeks ahead of “schedule” I have just had it in my head that he will be here two weeks sooner. lol

The good news is I have had this amazing burst of energy today and I have gotten so many things around the house done. Closets are all cleaned out and organized, the girl’s bedroom has been rearranged and organized, bags and bags of clothes and toys are ready to be taken to Goodwill. I could go on and on about my laundry, dishes and how awesomely clean my kitchen cabinets are! BUT I won’t. lol Instead, how about I take you on a tour of Rocco’s cute room?!

I wanted to go bold on the color! I knew it would be fine to go with a darker color because of how high the cream colored wainscoting is up the wall. SO happy with our decision!little_boys_room_decor_0002.jpgBefore we knew Rocco’s gender, I purchased these cute stuffed animal heads. I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to place them in his room. Trey came up with the idea of taking pallet wood and cutting it down into these little plaques. Perfection!little_boys_room_decor_0003.jpglittle_boys_room_decor_0004.jpglittle_boys_room_decor_0015.jpgCheck out that light fixture! Originally, we installed Edison bulbs and they looked beautiful. However, the hue they cast in the room was just TOO orange for our liking. little_boys_room_decor_0005.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0013.jpgTrey got super creative and built lots of cool pipe shelves and he even made the curtain rod.little_boys_room_decor_0006.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0007.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0001.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0008.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0009.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0010.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0011.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0012.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0016.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0014.jpg little_boys_room_decor_0017.jpg Look at all those clothes AND diapers! Woohoo! His drawers are even full of clothes, blankets, sweet little swaddles and SO much more!

When we had our baby shower (which I promise I will share photos from soon!), we got the cutest most helpful gifts for him. I am really looking forward to him being here and a part of our family. So, now I wait and pray! If you would, please keep me and Rocco in your prayers. It would mean so much to me! I remember when I was pregnant with Olivia, I asked all of my friends and family to cover her and I in their prayers. It gave me a confidence like none other I had ever had.

My goal is to have Rocco, non-medicated. That is how I had Olivia and it was so amazing. I used hypnobirthing techniques and they worked perfectly! So perfectly, I had ZERO pain! It's all mind over matter. If you will keep us in your prayers. My prayer is that his birth will be quick and pain free.

Trey and I seriously can't wait to meet him, for our girls to meet their baby brother and to share him with you guys!

18 Week Hump Day bump date. . .


Today we kept RyAnne out of school for the first part of the morning so she and Olivia could hear baby “R’s” heart beat at my checkup. I love seeing my girl’s eyes light up when they hear that sweet little thumping! It’s the most fabulous thing in the world to hear it and know my little one is doing well in there. The rest of my appointment went down hill quickly. As soon as I lay down on the table, my midwife asked me to lift my shirt so she can put the heart monitor on my belly. The FIRST thing she does is poke her finger right through my herniated belly button! OUCH! And how RUDE! I know it has to be all over my “chart” that I have a hernia because I have mentioned it at every appointment - well, expect this one. I was so upset that she didn't ask me about it before poking around. It’s obvious it’s herniated and now it’s sore. Thanks lady!

Then we got on the conversation about working out. She told me I shouldn’t be lifting weights heavier than 5-10 pounds. I brought up that I was doing 30 pound curls, 60 pound tricep pull downs, 60 pound lat pulls and 75 pound bench presses with no pain. So she decided to hike her estimate up to, “Well, I guess you could lift around 20 lbs.” OMG, it’s beyond frustrating! She didn’t seem to be the budding bit of health so I don’t know how credible she is. This was my first time meeting this midwife and I’m freaking out!

It’s not easy taking advice from someone like her with a horrible beside manner and contradicting estimates. I know every pregnant woman is different - body, mind and soul - and it must be hard to calculate these things. I just wish I could find a practice that considered connecting with their patients and making them feel comfortable. After all they are delivering our next family member!

The last thing we discussed, which she DID find on my chart, was how big Olivia was when she was born - 10 pounds, 10 ounces. She said she was concerned that I might end up with Gestational Diabetes and that she wanted to go ahead and schedule my glucose test, TODAY! We weren’t prepared to hang around for an additional hour after waiting 45 minutes to be seen. So, I get to do that next week.

I have been a crying mess, breaking out in tears all day, hyperventilating style and Olivia is trying her best to make me laugh! I have been so excited about this appointment and hearing our baby’s heart beat, what a kill joy!

I have been working out and eating so well this pregnancy, and to hear all these things just really makes me feel like I’m failing. I didn’t leave with much positive from her. I did contact one of my sweet clients and ask her for a referral to the practice that delivered her baby girl. After speaking with the front desk lady, she gave me so much helpful information and stayed on the phone with me answering all of my one hundred thousand, crazy lady, pregnant questions! lol So while, this day has pretty much been the crappiest feeling day, it is ending on a good note. I think I found a new practice!