Holy Mother-preneur of the Week | Ashley Flores


Ashley and I have known each other in passing and through following along on social media but today, we just hit it off! She’s so down to earth and just LOVES helping out other mother-preneurs!! My kinda girl!!

Her and I sat down and talked for several hours about mom life, being entrepreneurs and health nuts!

Ashley is the Executive Director at Beautycounter, an amazing stay-at-home momma to two babes (Olive who is five and Teo who just turned two), and a huge advocate for living a holistic lifestyle! She started with Beautycounter when they were just two years in and moved up the ladder very quickly!!

Just to give you a little background info. . .she started with the company when her daughter was just two years old. Her husband had just taken over a church, became the pastor and then they moved the church to a different town! Within that three month time frame, Ashely moved up to a leadership role over at Beautycounter. Isn’t it so incredible what we are capable of when we have a passion and mindset for something we believe in?! Oh, I LOVE IT!!!


Now go get to know her better. You’ll fall in love with her too!!

HMP: What drew you in to working with Beautycounter?
Ashley: It just aligned with my beliefs and thoughts on raising my daughter in a natural environment. I believe in their mission and want to help empower other women to live a more natural way of life too. What really drew me to link arms with the company was the advocacy. Our laws in the US are so outdated. So many companies aren’t putting great ingredients into their products. Beautycounter has lobbyists going to DC to make our voices heard and advocate for safer ingredients. Over 1,300 ingredients have been banned in Europe and other countries. Currently, thanks to Beautycounter, the US is now up to 30 banned ingredients. Beautycounter bans 1,500 ingredients from their products!! If it’s in question they just search for safer ingredients because it’s just not worth the risk.

HMP: Where do you find your support system?
Ashley: My husband has been supportive since day one! He knew I was passionate about this company. Also, I couldn’t do all this without my family and close friends. When I need someone to help me with Tao, my family is right there for me! 
HMP: What are you thoughts on family and friends being more supportive:
Ashley: I need people in my life that add value and I can do the same for them. When Rhianna comes out with a new album, everyone knows about it! Be the same for your friends and family! People are so influenced by celebrities but when it comes to your family, we need that too! Support your friends and inquire about what they are doing!
HMP: It can be really overwhelming starting up a new business venture and I know so many people will come up with excuse after excuse. Any advice?
Ashley: You just have to ask yourself, are you too busy or is this just not a priority?! You just jump in and figure it out!!

HMP: What do you love to do in your time off?
Ashley: I’m a health nut! I LOVE cooking in the kitchen and swimming with my children. We love going to the lake with our family. I love heater shows. Date nights with my husband are important too!
HMP: What do you love about being a mother-prenuer?
Ashley: As a stay at home mom I just wanted something more and I wanted to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit. I want my daughter to see that I can do something important and care for my family tool.

HMP: What are three fun facts about you:
1. I love organizing anything and everything! If you need something in your house purged out (I love throwing things away haha!) I’m your girl. I hate clutter and want everything to have a place... it’s a little neurotic.
2. We want tons of kids! Our house stays chaotic with only two, but we welcome it. The more the merrier! 
3. I’m a musical theater fanatic! I did Theater growing up, and just feel like still as an adult it’s so incredibly magical. I could listen to showtunes all day every day. I’m so happy Olive has started at such a young age!


Ashley would love to invite you to follow her along on social media! She has an amazing FB Group. She shares loads of info over there about living clean and healthy 👉🏼 Clean Beauty Talk + Holistic Health with Ashley Flores
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She is also working on a new project! A blog and Youtube channel! I can’t wait to see where she takes it!


NOW! Let’s get to our giveaway! Ashley has picked what Beautycounter considers their “HERO” product!!! Like us mother-preneurs, it’s a multitasking product and considered to be “The Baum that does it all”!!! The Cleansing Balm melts your makeup off and cleanses your face. It can be used as an overnight mask by using a thin layer and you just leave it on over night. It’s great for children in the winter to help heal dry skin AND you can use it as a moisturizer too! That’s totally impressive!! 
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