cotton field family session

Moon Family | Bostwick, Ga Cotton Field Session


Wow-O-Wow! I have a super pretty family session for you guys! The Moon family met me in this stunning cotton field just off the side of the road in Bostwick, Georgia. Jess and Ryan's two little ones, Coban Rose and Hollan, modeled so good for me! P.S. I did throw in a "blooper" from their session! See if you can spot it.


2016-10-17_0001.jpg 2016-10-17_0002.jpg 2016-10-17_0003.jpg 2016-10-17_0004.jpg 2016-10-17_0005.jpg 2016-10-17_0006.jpg 2016-10-17_0007.jpg 2016-10-17_0008.jpg 2016-10-17_0009.jpg 2016-10-17_0010.jpg 2016-10-17_0011.jpg 2016-10-17_0012.jpg 2016-10-17_0013.jpg 2016-10-17_0014.jpg 2016-10-17_0015.jpg 2016-10-17_0016.jpg 2016-10-17_0017.jpg 2016-10-17_0018.jpg 2016-10-17_0019.jpg 2016-10-17_0020.jpg 2016-10-17_0021.jpg 2016-10-17_0022.jpg 2016-10-17_0025.jpg 2016-10-17_0023.jpg