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Goats! Our visit to Yellow Rose Farm in Shadydale, Ga.

Y’all!!! On Sunday, we all went to see Shannon Lawrence at Yellow Rose Farm in Shadydale, Ga. We started the day in her milking barn learning about the lady goats and their fabulous milk they produce for her. Shannon makes and sells all her own products from the milk: deodorant, lip balm, lotion, soap, yogurt and so much more. Trey and I had loads of questions, which she happily answered. She knows goats! You can tell by chatting with Shannon that her goats are her life and she loves them so, so much! After roaming around her farm for a while, meeting her chickens, guardian dogs and lots and lots of goats, we made our way into her living room. This is where we met OUR goat babies! We were greeted by the sound of 19 babies nehing from their pin. It was the sweetest sound. It was time for them to have their bottles. We all had a seat and she gave us a goat and a bottle full of goat milk. They suckled their milk down so fast and we could feel their bellies filling up. That’s when we all started falling in love! After they would finish a bottle we would set them outside on Shannon’s back deck. They would run and stomp their little hooves and then jump sporadically. . .It was so joyful to watch them!

Once all the babies had full, full bellies, we all sat outside with them and loved on them and watched them play. We started asking Shannon, “Is this one available?”, “What about this one?” lol Some of them had already been claimed and as we started falling in love, we also started picking out our faves. Eek. . .we had more faves than I intended on leaving with! lol I originally wanted two to three goats living on our farm and becoming a part of our family. Welllllll, Trey said he wanted five! haha So, Creekview Farm will have five goat babies! Yay!!!

Monday evening we made our way back to Shannon’s farm to pick up our babies! We fed them their last goat milk bottle and loaded up our little heard. As I have been posting on social media that our family is getting these sweet babies, I have also been setting up play dates with friends that can't wait to love on them! lol Yesterday was our first full day with our babies and they had SO many visitors. I had my neighbor, Carol, randomly stop by asking, “Where are the goats?!” lol These babies are already bringing so much joy, to not only us but our friends and family, too. I LOVE IT! That’s what I want our farm to do!

Every time I sit with them and feed them, love on them, play with them, I feel like it’s my therapy! They really bring me a nice sense of calm. Which is very welcomed considering how busy and full our life is.

I am really looking forward to seeing how God uses our little farm! More photos of the babies coming soon! But in the mean time, check out our photos from Yellow Rose Farm.

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Creekview Farm | Our piece of heaven


For the first 15 years of my life, I grew up in the city, mostly the Stone Mountain area. When my mom + dad decided to purchase land in Social Circle, Georgia, I was like, where the heck is that?! Being a teenager and only knowing what it was like to travel 2 minutes to EVERYTHING, the idea of moving to the country was a big NO for this girl. At least that's what I thought at first. Once we settled in, I loved all the land around us! And I got to see cows - EVERYWHERE! I have a slight obsession with cows. lol My nickname in high school was Holly Cow. Now that Trey and I have lived on our sweet little piece of heaven for over ten years now, we have decided to put this land to use. We are having a livestock fence installed and we have big dreams for our little "petting zoo" of a farm. At this time it involves, mini cows, dwarf goats, a mini donkey and eventually chickens. I'm SO excited for the adventure!

Here is some of the progress. As of today we have much more of the fence and gates installed. Almost done! I even made a logo for our little farm.