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Erin + Kyle | Fair Weather Farms, Monroe, Ga Wedding

Last weekend marked the first day of October and Erin + Kyle's big day at Fair Weather Farms in Monroe, Ga. The weather was so, so perfect for them (and us!). Their wedding day was full of personalized decor. This made my photographer heart skip a beat! And squeal - Yes, I may have squealed!!! Erin + Kyle went to high school together and never knew one another. Years later they met on, fell in love and moved to Colorado. They decided to come all the way back to Georgia to say their vows. This meant trucking a U-Haul across the country filled with the beautiful creations Erin + Kyle have been working so hard on for their wedding day. Thankfully these two made it here safely!

Once Erin put her gown on, she realized she forgot to do her pushups. ??? I was like, "Are you for real?" She said, "Yes! I wanted to do pushups before I walked down the isle to make my arms look more toned." What a genius idea!!! So, don't you know the girl busted out 15 pushups in her wedding dress! And then one of her bridesmaids followed along. And then her mother-in-law did wall pushups! It was so fabulous! Erin even made the comment, she wished she had a ten pound weight in her bouquet to keep her arms flexed. lol Her arms did look super fabulous in her dress, no weight needed!

Erin + Kyle's first look was so sweet. They met at the end of the dock right over the lake. While Erin and I were walking down to meet Kyle, she started getting a little emotional realizing their big day was here and it was all really happening!

During their ceremony, Erin's father walked her down the isle where her brother was standing to announce that her dad would also be officiating. Which made for a very teary eyed ceremony. Gosh, I about lost it - MORE than once! Having her dad there telling stories of Erin and Kyle was the sweetest touch. Erin + Kyle surprised each other with their wedding bands. Neither of them had seen the rings before this moment. Also, during the ceremony, there was a seat reserved for Kyle's best friend, Eryc, who passed away from a tragic accident. Kyle decorated his friend's chair with a fur from a hunt they went on together. There was a picture frame with his name and one last beautiful detail, Kyle made him a boutonnière of duck feathers.

Their reception was decorated with teal blue accents. The cake table was divine - filled with several different cakes and an Oreo tower with a little milk bar. When Miriam, my assistant photographer, and I walked into the reception we both noticed the margarita station set up at the bar! Erin + Kyle brought with them from Colorado, several of their fave craft beers for their guests to enjoy. Their reception was filled with lots of catching up and chatting with their guests that traveled from all over the the country and some from out of the country.

Congratulations Erin + Kyle! I loved being a part of your beautiful wedding day!

Vendors: Venue: Fair Weather Farms, Monroe, Ga. Hair + Makeup: Salon Tru, Social Circle, Ga. Florals: JL Designs, Monore, Ga. Cakes + Cupcakes: Sweet Memories Bakery by Trisha, Monroe, Ga. Dinner Catered by: Taqueria del Sol, Atlanta, Ga. Lunch Catered by: The Caboose, Rutledge, Ga. DJ: Omar Lopez Rentals: Off Broad Rentals & Designs

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Toya + Morgan | Ashley Belle Landings, Eatonton, Ga Wedding

Morgan and Toya met in college through a group of mutual friends. Like clockwork, Toya would go up to the Recreational Facility to (Morgan's place of employment at the time) try to complete her goal of beating a rock climbing challenge. Secretly she had two goals in mind. One goal was to conquer the rock climbing challenge and the other was to see one of the rock wall attendants - Morgan!While Toya was trying to complete her goals, Morgan had goals of his own. One of which included getting to know her. Eventually, they had both conquered their goals and went on their very first date. Not to any ones surprise, their very first date together was a fishing trip and then later on a date at a frozen yogurt store. It is at that store where Morgan had made a promise to take her on so many adventures. A couple of weeks later on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 PM, the wishing hour,  two wishes came true and they were finally a couple. Their life together so far has been nothing short of an adventure and their wedding day was one of the most spectacular of days! Peachy Georgia peaches were found throughout the decor of their southern style wedding. In a rough cut open field Toya walked down the isle of old church pews and met her love under an oak tree where they became husband and wife. One of my fave moments from their day, was when Toya and Morgan handed over her bouquet to his grandparents, who were the longest married couple.

Vender List: Venue: Ashley Belle Landings in Eatonton, Ga Coordinator + Decor: Blondies True Southern Style, Katie Perkins Hair + Makeup: Britney Nash of Allie Roberts Salon Rentals: Goodwin Events Catering: Bleu House Catering Photography: Holly L. Robbins Photography Cake: Ginger Spice Bakery

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